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Thomas Spring

Thomas Spring,
[Spring and Spring, 2000, p.6] has him as of "Keelaclohane",
this would be Killaclohane, Kilcolman par, Co.Kerry,
had issue:

  1. Thomas Spring,
    of Ballycrispin, Co.Kerry,
    mar Avice Blennerhassett [born est temp 1670, descendant of Edward III],
    he fl 1733,
    had issue:

    1. Thomas Spring, had issue:
      1. Thomas Spring, born 1735, had issue:
        1. Katherine Spring, mar 1785 to Stephen Edward Rice and had issue.

    2. Francis Spring,
      mar Katherine Mason and had issue:

      1. John Spring, mar Mary Collis.

      2. Catherine Spring,
        mar 1760 to James Eagar [born 1731] and had issue.
        See notes on their son's marriage in [Hickson's annotated par records, 1880].

  2. Walter Spring.
    He mar Alice Blennerhassett [born est temp 1670, sister of Avice, descendant of Edward III].
    Walter fl 1728.
    They had issue:

    1. Avice Spring,
      mar Thomas Blennerhassett and had issue.

    2. Jane Spring,
      mar 1729 to Thomas Eagar and had issue.

    3. Thomas Spring,
      mar Anne Fitzmaurice,
      had issue:

      1. William Spring.
        He is mentioned in "Black Jack's Book" as alive (a child) in 1734.
        He mar poss. Margaret Daly [Spring and Spring, 2000, p.7].
        She must be Catholic. This must be how this line became Catholic.
        They had issue:

        1. Arthur Spring,
          mar Elizabeth Thomson,
          baptised his children Catholic from 1780 on.

        2. John Spring,
          baptised his children Catholic from 1804 on.

        3. Margaret Spring,
          had a Catholic marriage in 1804 to William Kelly.

        4. Honora Spring,
          had a Catholic marriage in 1810 to James Williams.

Extract from "Black Jack's Book".
Shows William Spring living in 1734.
This is p.27 of MS 7937.

Transcript of the previous. From pp.48-49 of [Hickson, 1872].

Catholic baptism in 1780 of the dau of Arthur Spring.
Arthur is meant to be the son of William Spring above.
See full size. From [Tralee RC par records].

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