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My ancestors - Blennerhassett - Contents

Capt. Robert Blennerhassett, of Castle Conway

The remaining ruined wall of Castle Conway, Killorglin, Co.Kerry.
Now in a beer garden.

Capt. Robert Blennerhassett (see here),
of Castle Conway, born est c.1622.
Descendant of Edward III.
Captain in Cromwellian army (1649-53) in Irish Confederate Wars.
He mar perhaps around 1660 to Avice Conway [descendant of Henry I].
She was co-heiress of Castle Conway, Killorglin, Co.Kerry, which now passed into the Blennerhassett family.
He was MP for Tralee 1674 (NOT 1634).
High Sheriff of Co.Kerry 4 Jan 1682 - 23 Nov 1682 [O'Kief vol.6].
The old Castle Conway was a ruin as at 1682.
Avice drowned at sea in April 1683 (NOT 1663).
She was bur in the chapel at Castle Conway. See her now-vanished tomb at Castle Conway.
Capt. Robert and Avice had issue:

  1. John Blennerhassett, "Black Jack",
    born 1665, Co.Kerry,
    of Castle Conway.

  2. Conway Blennerhassett.

  3. Thomas Blennerhassett,
    born est c.1670.
    Supporter of William of Orange.
    He was imprisoned at Galway and Dublin with his brother Black Jack in 1689-1690.
    He mar Jane Darby.
    He would be Thomas Blennerhassett of Tralee who witnessed [Deed of Nov 1728] and died before 1750.
    His will dated 1743.
    He may be Thomas Blennerhassett of Tralee whose will was proved 1747.
    [Burkes Irish, 1976, p.138] has him fl c.1773 but this is an error for fl 1733.
    Thomas and Jane had issue:

    1. John Blennerhassett.
      Father of Thomas Blennerhassett, Treasurer of Co.Kerry.

    2. Avice Blennerhassett, mar Rev. Thomas Collis and had issue.

    3. Alice Blennerhassett, mar her 1st cousin Thomas Hurly and had issue.

    4. Jane Blennerhassett,
      mar 1stly (NOT 2ndly) to her 1st cousin John Hurly,
      mar 2ndly, 9th Feb 1731 (think NOT Aug) to Maurice O'Connell and had issue.

  4. Henry Blennerhassett, of Gortmasherry, Co.Kerry,
    born est c.1675.

  1. Catherine Blennerhassett, mar Richard McLoughlin and had issue:
    1. Avice McLoughlin, mar c.1704 to John Mason [see MASON in [King]] and had issue:

      1. James Mason, had issue:
        1. Elizabeth Mason, mar 1760 to Dr. Robert Emmet and had issue.
        2. John Mason, mar Jane Hurly.

  2. Avice Blennerhassett, mar Thomas Spring and had issue.

  3. Alice Blennerhassett, mar Walter Spring and had issue.

  4. Lucy Blennerhassett, mar Jean Plaguavan and had issue:
    1. Jane Plaguavan, mar John Poujade and had issue:
      1. Mary Poujade, mar Henry Blennerhassett and had issue.

  5. Anne Blennerhassett, mar 1701 to Dennis Hurly and had issue.


Gerald O'Carroll points out this snippet about the Cromwellian war (1649-53).
This is from a long item by John T. O'Flaherty in the Tralee Chronicle, 4 April 1846, p.3.
"In that ferocious service ... Captain Blennerhassett ... [a] benevolent and high-minded individual had, so far as he could have gone, rescued the lives of hundreds of innocent persons from torture and death. ... When O'Sullivan More, of Dunkerron Castle, had been betrayed, handed over to Nelson, and summarily put to death, Blennerhassett, on receiving the intelligence, exclaimed, with tears, "Alas for that brave and generous Irishman, who had always given quarter to my men!""
"Governor Nelson" is John Nelson, the ruthless Cromwellian Governor of Kerry and Desmond from 1652 to 1658.
Gerald O'Carroll says "Captain Blennerhassett" is the Cromwellian Capt. Robert Blennerhassett.
Which O'Sullivan More was killed is not clear.

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