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John Dickson Stanger

John Dickson Stanger (died 1947) and Mary Ann Berwick.
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John Dickson Stanger,
"Dick", born 30 Aug 1881.
He was Church of England.
Lived Letchmore Heath, near Watford.
At mar 1908 he is listed as "clerk", living family home, 20 Malden Rd, Watford.
He mar 11 Apr 1908 (NOT May) to Mary Ann Berwick [or Mary Anne, born 28 Jan 1881].
They mar at parish church, Aldenham, near Watford [GRO.UK].
He was railway clerk on LMS Railway at Broad St Station, London.
Lived 106 Kings Ave, Watford (see map).
Listed at 106 Kings Ave, Watford, in [Kelly's Directory of Watford] 1908 on. (Not there in 1907.)
Listed as "railway clerk", living 106 Kings Ave, Watford, at dau's birth 1911 and dau's death 1931.

He died 7 May 1947, 106 Kings Ave, age 65 yrs [GRO.UK].
Think he was bur Vicarage Road Cemetery, Watford, with no headstone.
Mary Ann is still listed at 106 Kings Ave in [Kelly's Directory of Watford] 1962. Not listed there in 1964.
She lived to see great-grandchildren.
She died 1 Nov 1966, Abbots Langley hospital, age 85 yrs [GRO.UK].
Think she was bur Vicarage Road Cemetery, Watford, with no headstone.
They had issue:

  1. Anne Stanger,
    born "Marjorie Annie", 20 Mar 1911, 106 Kings Ave, Watford [GRO.UK].
    "Annie" is family name in Stanger.
    She went as "Marjorie" as child. "Marjorie-Anne" when young [didn't like "Annie"].
    She went as "Anne" when older.

  2. Winifred Stanger,
    Winifred May, Winnie, born 30 Aug 1912.
    Two medals for athletics survive: "W. Stanger 1925" and "W. Stanger 1926".
    She died of TB, 27 Oct 1931, 106 Kings Ave, Watford, age 19 yrs [GRO.UK].

  3. John Stanger,
    John William Henry Stanger, Johnny, born 7 July 1914 [poss. June].


Almost certain this is Mary Ann Berwick.

Mary Ann Berwick, Mar 1940.
At Courtlands Drive.
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John Dickson Stanger, Aug 1940.
From here.

(Left to Right): Anne (age 5), Winifred (age 4).
Dec 1916.
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(Left to Right): Winifred, John, Anne.
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106 Kings Ave, Watford

106 Kings Ave, Watford (leftmost white house).
Anne Stanger was born here 1911.
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From Google Maps.

106 Kings Ave, Watford (leftmost white house).
Photo 2010. See larger and full size.
See other shot and other shot.

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