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The Scots Church, Rotterdam

The Scots Church (the "Schotse Kerk"), on the Vasteland, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The Scots Church was founded in 1643 for the many Scottish merchants trading and living in Rotterdam.
It moved 1695 to a new building on the Vasteland.

Scottish merchant Alexander Yeats lived in Rotterdam in at least 1765 to 1776.
He was a Deacon and then an Elder at the Scots Church.
His daughter Barbara Yeats married Capt. Robert Gibbon at the Scots Church in 1769.
His other daughter Anna Yeats married in 1780 to Rev. James Somerville, the Minister of the Scots Church 1775 to 1779.

The church and entire surrounding area were destroyed when Nazi Germany destroyed Rotterdam in 1940.

Location of the Scots Church ("10") at corner of Vasteland and Herderstraat, Rotterdam.
1865-70 map from here. See full size.

Location of the Scots Church ("17").
1888 map for sale here. See larger.
The church and street have been wiped off the face of the earth. See street view today.

The Scots Church.
Print of 1698.
From Rotterdam City Archives.

The Scots Church.
Print of 1757.
From Rotterdam City Archives.

The Scots Church.
Picture of 1798.
From Rotterdam City Archives.

The Scots Church, photo before its destruction in 1940.
See full size. From here.

The Scots Church in 1940.
From here.

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