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John Smith,
architect, born 1781.
Aberdeen City Architect 1807 to death 1852. He was the first official City Architect of Aberdeen.
Designed many of the buildings that give Aberdeen its look.
He mar Margaret Grant.
He re-designed Slains Castle in 1836. (Since fallen into ruin.)
Balmoral Castle: John and his son William re-designed Balmoral Castle as a new residence for the Royal family. Victoria and Prince Albert acquired Balmoral Castle in 1848. From 1848, John and William worked with Prince Albert on plans for the re-design of the castle. After John's death these plans were finished by William.
John died 1852.
John and Margaret had issue:

William Smith,
architect, born 16 Sept 1817.
He mar 2 July 1846 to Mary Blaikie [bapt 25 Sept 1826, descendant of Robert III, King of Scotland and of Henry I].
His father died 1852 and William took over his father's position.
Aberdeen City Architect 1852 to death 1891.
After his father's death, William completed the design of the new Balmoral Castle in 1856.
He would be "William Smith" who between 1875 and 1877 restored St.Nicholas' church, Aberdeen, after a fire, including building a new steeple.
Lived in King Street, Aberdeen.
Mary died 21 Jan 1883, age 56 yrs, bur St.Nicholas', Aberdeen.
William died at his home in King Street, 22 Dec 1891, age 74 yrs, bur St.Nicholas', Aberdeen.
They had issue:

  1. John Smith,
    bapt 5 July 1847 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen]. He was also an architect.
    He died 11 April 1887, age 39 yrs.

  2. Patrick Blaikie Smith,
    apparently born 2 Feb 1849, bapt St.Nicholas', Aberdeen.

  3. Margaret Grant Smith,
    bapt 12 Sept 1850 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
    died at Stonehaven, 25 Apr 1921, age 70 yrs [grave, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

  4. William Smith,
    bapt 29 June 1852 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
    died at Cults, 29 Apr 1891, age 38 yrs [grave, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

  5. Hay Livingston Smith,
    named after great-grandfather,
    bapt 6 Jan 1854 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
    died 2 Aug 1876, age 22 yrs, bur St.Nicholas', Aberdeen.

  6. David Blaikie Smith,
    born 1858,
    died at Natal, 30 Mar 1879, age 21 yrs [grave, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

  7. Alexander Gibb Smith, died in infancy.
  8. Albert Smith, died in infancy.

Also with the Smith graves:

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