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Sometimes spelt Livingstone.

Dr. William Livingston witnesses Arthur Gibbon's postmarital contract 1815.

Thomas Livingston.
He mar Feb 1753 ["Old Deer", Aberdeen] to Mary Robertson [poss. "Mally", born think 1735].
Mary died 10 Jan 1816, age think 81 yrs.
She was bur St. Nicholas', Aberdeen.
They had issue:

  1. Dr. William Livingston, M.D., born 1760.
    Prof of Medicine at Marischal College, Aberdeen.
    He mar 1stly, 15th Oct 1792 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to Agnes Sim [poss. Syme, born 1775].
    Agnes died 22nd Feb 1796, age 21 yrs [grave, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    He mar 2ndly, 26th Dec 1799 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to Margaret Gibbon [born Feb 1776], no issue.
    See mar notice in Aberdeen Journal.
    He is listed as a subscriber to the novel Constantia Neville or The West Indian, by Helena Wells, 1800.
    He helped get Christian Milne's poems published in 1805. He is listed as a reference in the preface.
    He witnessed Arthur Gibbon's postmarital contract 1815.
    Ann Gibbon's diary says he is in bad health in 1819.

    William dies, 1822:
    He died 11th Oct 1822, age 62 yrs [grave, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    He was NOT described as very ill in 1864. This was Margaret Livingston Gibbon's husband.
    Note no death of a William Livingston found in [GRO.Scot] 1863-73.
    Margaret lived for 50 more years as a widow.
    She was living with her sisters Ann and Elizabeth at Union Place, Aberdeen, in 1841 census.
    [Letter of 10 Oct 1865] says: "What a wonderful Lady for her years our friend Mrs. Livingstone is!!"
    She was living as widow in 1871 with her unmarried sister Barbara at family home, 85 Crown St, Aberdeen.

    Margaret dies, 1872:
    She died 2 Dec 1872 [family papers], age 96 yrs, think NOT 11 Dec.
    (todo) See [GRO.Scot], Aberdeen B (Old Machar), 1872, female deaths, no.814.
    She was bur with Livingstons, St. Nicholas', Aberdeen [and name written on Gibbon grave at Nigg Bay].

  2. Thomas Livingston,
    bapt 4th Nov 1762 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

  3. Capt. Hay Livingston,
    bapt 14th Dec 1774 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    Hay does NOT stand for Henry. Hay is a prominent Scottish surname.
    Listed as Captain, in 30th Regiment of Foot, at marriage 1796.
    He mar 3rd Mar 1796 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to Elizabeth Martin [descendant of Robert III, King of Scotland and of Henry I].
    See mar notice in Aberdeen Journal, around March 1796.
    She would be "the Lady of Captain Livingston" who helped get Christian Milne's poems published in 1805.
    Capt. Hay and Elizabeth had issue:

    1. Elizabeth Livingston,
      bapt 5th Mar 1798 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
      mar 17th June 1819 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to Dr. Patrick Blaikie and had issue.

    2. Alexander Livingston, bapt 5th July 1799 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

    3. Thomas Livingston, bapt 5th Sept 1801 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
      Probably Dr. Thomas Livingston, physician in Aberdeen, and for upwards of 32 years first physician to the Infirmary, died 9th Mar 1875, "age 75 yrs" [grave, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

    4. Mary Livingston, bapt 3rd Mar 1805 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

    5. Margaret Livingston, bapt 27th Apr 1811 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
      mar 27th June 1831 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to Capt. Andrew Armstrong Barnes and had issue:

      1. Joseph Edmund Barnes, bapt 27th Apr 1832 [Dumbarton].

Also with the Smith graves:

Elizabeth Livingston, born 1865,
died at Aliwal North, South Africa, 13th Apr 1909, age 44 yrs [grave, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

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