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NOT Blackie.

(Left) John Blaikie (who mar Helen Richardson). See full size.
(Right) Helen Richardson. See full size.
From Blaikie family tree.

John Blaikie, born 1756,
mar Helen Richardson and had issue:

  1. James Blaikie, born 1786, Lord Provost of Aberdeen, had issue:

    1. William Garden Blaikie, born 1820,
      Scottish divine, writer, biographer, and temperance reformer,
      ancestor of:

      1. Sir William Arbuthnot, 2nd Baronet,
        author of Arbuthnot and Blaikie family tree.

    2. Anthony Adrian Blaikie, born 1827, had issue:
      1. Agnes Elizabeth Blaikie, born 1853, mar Kenneth Howard Hathorn and had issue:

        1. Amy Hathorn,
          Amy Helen Hathorn, born 1890,
          mar Colonel William Hales Wilkie Young,
          she is author of [Young, 1971],
          she died 1974, age 84 yrs.

      2. Thomas Blaikie, born 1863, had issue:
        1. Kenneth Guy ("Bill") Blaikie, born 1897, had issue:

          1. Peter Blaikie, born 1937, Canadian lawyer and statesman,
            co-founder of Heenan Blaikie law firm.

  2. Dr. Patrick Blaikie, MD,
    born 8th April 1791,
    mar 17th June 1819 to Elizabeth Livingston [bapt 5th Mar 1798, descendant of Robert III, King of Scotland and of Henry I],
    he was surgeon in Royal Navy,
    he died 27th February 1830, age 38 yrs,
    she died 28th January 1839, age 40 yrs, leaving children orphaned,
    had issue:

    1. John Blaikie, bapt 13th June 1820 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen], went to Australia.
      He might be father of:

      1. Patrick Blaikie, MD, born 1849 (or 1829),
        died at "San Remo" [might be San Remo, Australia], 24th Mar 1909, age 60 (or 80) yrs [grave, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
        listed with the Smith graves in St.Nicholas', Aberdeen, but poss. buried elsewhere.

    2. Elizabeth Blaikie,
      Elizabeth Livingston Blaikie, bapt 2nd Mar 1822 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
      mar John Manson and had issue.

    3. Helen Blaikie, bapt 11th Dec 1824 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

    4. Mary Blaikie, bapt 25th Sept 1826 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
      mar 1846 to William Smith and had issue.

    5. Margaret Blaikie, born after father's death,
      bapt 1st Oct 1830 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen],
      mar Lachlan MacKinnon, Sr, and had issue:

      1. Elizabeth Livingston MacKinnon, born 1853, mar Thomas Adam and had issue:
        1. Lilias Adam, born 1873, mar 1stly to Arnold James Henderson and had issue:

          1. Elizabeth Livingston Henderson, born 1908,
            mar Sir Douglas Leslie Spencer-Nairn, 2nd Baronet and had issue:

            1. John Challoner Spencer-Nairn, had issue:

              1. Tara Spencer-Nairn, born 1977,
                Canadian TV and film actress.

  3. Sir Thomas Blaikie, born 1802, Lord Provost of Aberdeen.

Grave of John Blaikie and Helen Richardson, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen.
From Blaikie family tree.

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