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Hugh Eldon Yeilding

Hugh Eldon Yeilding,
born 6 May 1829.
See Wikitree.
At mar he is living Glenastar Lodge, near Glensharrold, W Co.Limerick.

He mar 11 Jan 1849 [Rathronan CoI par records] to Margaret Yielding [born 1832-33, her age 16 at mar, him age 19].
His children were baptised Mar 1850 to May 1858 in Rathronan parish. This is the area around Glensharrold, W Co.Limerick.
Listed at children's baptisms Mar 1850 to Aug 1856 at Carrigkerry (near Glensharrold, W of Ardagh).
He was subjected to a hoax death notice about his wife and sister in Dec 1850.

Living 12 Lower Mallow Street, Limerick, at birth of Margaret 1874.
He lived New Park, "Rathkeale", Co.Limerick.
This is probably New Park, just E of Athea, W Co.Limerick, though it is a long way W of Rathkeale. See old map.
He lived Woodlands, Tarbert, Co.Kerry.
He died 1895 at Woodlands, Tarbert.
See item about his son in Limerick Chronicle, 30 May 1895. Confirms the father was of both New Park and Woodlands.
Margaret died 1906.
Hugh and Margaret had issue:

  1. Frances Augusta Yeilding,
    bapt 6 Mar 1850 [Rathronan CoI par records] (and here),
    mar 1stly, 1866, to Dawson Godfrey Massy,
    mar 2ndly, 1869, to Vere Hunt and had issue:

    1. Mary Hunt,
      Mary Margaret Frances Hunt, born 1871,
      mar 1890 to Hugh Hamon Massy O'Grady, 7th Viscount Guillamore [born 1860], no issue.
      He succ as Viscount Guillamore 1927.
      He died 1930.
      She died 1930.

  2. Mary Wilhelmina Yeilding, born 25 August 1854,
    bapt "Mary Wilhelmina Belinda Yielding", 24 Nov 1854 [Rathronan CoI par records] (and here).
    She mar 1stly, 1876, to Major Henry Moore Sandes.
    He died 1883.
    She mar 2ndly, 1885, to Surgeon-Major Oliver Stokes Eagar and had issue.

  3. Col. William Richard Yeilding, born 13 Jan 1856,
    bapt 29 Aug 1856 [Rathronan CoI par records].
    He served in British Army in India. See career.
    He mar 1881 to Theresa Magrath FitzGerald.
    D.S.O. 1891. C.I.E. 1895. C.B. 1908.
    Lived 2 Kent Gardens, Ealing, London (see map). NOT Wales. There as at 1910.
    He died Ealing, 1934.
    William Richard and Theresa had issue:

    1. Eileen Geraldine Letitia Yeilding, born 1882,
      mar 1904 to Arthur Henry Vincent Watson.

  4. Godfrey Massy Yeilding, born 29 Jan 1858,
    bapt 22 May 1858 [Rathronan CoI par records].

  5. Margaret Evelyn Venetia Yeilding,
    born 12 Lower Mallow Street, Limerick, 1 July 1874, see transcript,
    bapt 4 Sept 1874 [St.Mary's, Limerick, CoI par records].

The hoax death notice

The family was subjected to a hoax death notice in 1850.

The hoax notice in Limerick Chronicle, 4 Dec 1850.
This claims that Hugh Eldon Yeilding's wife and sister have died.
Both are still alive.

The correction in Limerick Chronicle, 7 Dec 1850.

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