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Richard Yielding, of Cloghers

The start of [Deed of 1766].
This is clearly Richard Yielding of Ballybeggan, and his father James Yielding of Ballybeggan.
And James' sister Frances Yielding, and Frances' son Rowland Blennerhassett.
Deed registered 21 Apr 1766. Clearly sorting out property before Richard Yielding's marriage a few days later on 24 Apr 1766.

Richard Yielding.
See Wikitree.
He is party to [Deed of 1751] with his father James, who was then of Tralee.
By 1766 his father was of Ballybeggan, NE side of Tralee, Co.Kerry.

He must be Richard who mar Studdert in 1766:
He is clearly the Richard of Ballybeggan who married in 1766, and his wife died in 1768.
[Deed of 1766] is clearly about sorting out Yielding property before his marriage. The deed is registered 21 April 1766, just 3 days before his marriage.
Party to the deed are Richard Yielding of Ballybeggan and James Yielding of Ballybeggan (his father) and Blennerhassett relatives.

Richard mar 1stly, 24 Apr 1766, to Melicent Studdert [bapt 10 April 1750].
Melicent died 1768. She is listed as of Ballybeggan at death, wife of Richard.
She was buried 28 Feb 1768 [Rathkeale CoI par records].
See transcript from here. Think date of burial not date of death.
Richard and Melicent probably had issue:

  1. Elizabeth Yielding,
    bapt 12 Aug 1767, Rathkeale. See transcript. See other transcript. "Yeilding" in transcript.
    Mother listed in transcript as "Meliora". That is probably a mis-reading of Millicent.
    Parents uncertain, but more likely to be this couple than a late baby for Richard's uncle and aunt Richard and Millicent (whose first child was born 1738, last child born 1763).

Richard mar 2ndly, 1771, to Anna Massy.
He lived at Cloghers House, on the SE outskirts of Tralee, Co.Kerry.

A dispute arose between him and a Thomas Blennerhassett of Tralee (unidentified) about the will of Mrs. Elizabeth Gorham of Tralee. Her original will dated 27 Dec 1778, sole executor Thomas Blennerhassett. She died 1778-1779. Richard Yielding claimed to be sole executor of a later will.

"Richard Yielding" is listed at Cloghers in [The Post-chaise Companion, 1786, p.201].
He is party to [Deed of 1793] with Barry Denny. He is listed as of Cloghers. Says he is son of James and brother of Theophilus.
His will dated 31 August 1802.
He died 1802-03. He died before March 1803.
His will proved 1804. See index. This will would be burnt in 1922.
Richard and Anna had issue:

  1. Theophilus Yielding,
    Theophilus Colthurst Yielding, born 1781.
    A duel was fought on Sun 4 Aug 1805 at Tralee between Capt. Mockler and Theophilus Yielding. Neither injured.
    See item in the Hibernian Journal, Tue 6 August 1805.

  2. Annabella Yielding, born 1781,
    mar 1811 or 1812 to Dr. Alexander Eagar and had issue.

  3. Augustus Richard Yielding, born 1784,
    of Cloghers,
    had issue:

    1. Margaret Yielding,
      born 1832-33, age 16 at mar,
      mar 11 Jan 1849 to Hugh Eldon Yeilding [born 1829] and had issue.

Marriage of Richard Yielding of Ballybeggan in 1766.
From Freemans Journal, May 10, 1766.

Cloghers House, Cloghers townland, on the SE outskirts of Tralee, Annagh par, Co.Kerry.
Cloghers House is just to the left of the "Cloghers" label.
From 1829 to 1842 map.
Cloghers House survives. Now apartments. See modern street view.

Richard Yielding of Cloghers in the legal document of 25 Sept 1779 about a dispute.
From [Rowan Papers] Ms 20611.
See full size.

"Richard Yielding" at Cloghers near Tralee in [The Post-chaise Companion, 1786, p.201].





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