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James Yielding, of Tralee

James Yielding.
He is one of the "lives" in [Deed of Sept 1728].
He is James Yielding, of Gortnahealy, Co.Kerry (unidentified), who is party to [Exchequer Bill of 1736] with brother Richard.
"James Yeilding the elder" of Tralee is party to [Deed of 1751] with his son Richard.
"James Yielding the elder" of Tralee is party to [Deed of 1761] with his son Theophilus.
James Yielding, late of Tralee, and now of Ballybeggan (NE side of Tralee) is party to [Deed of Mar 1766]. This is sorting out Yielding property before the marriage of his son Richard.
James died before [Deed of 1793].
He had issue:

  1. Richard Yielding,
    eldest son,
    of Cloghers, near Tralee, Co.Kerry.

  2. Theophilus Yielding,
    or Yeilding,
    second son,
    of Caherina House, Tralee, Co.Kerry.


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