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Theophilus Yielding

The Catholic baptism of John Yielding, 9 February 1772 [Tralee RC par records].

Theophilus Yielding (see Wikitree),
or Yeilding.
He is party to [Deed of 1761] with his father.
He was admitted to [King's Inns] as an Attorney in 1762. See entry.

He had relationship with Mary ---- (illegible, looks like "Galihue").
Their son was bapt Catholic in 1772. Mary must be Catholic.
It is unclear but looks like baptism says illegitimate.
Looks like he had a natural child that Mary raised Catholic, and later Theophilus married normally to a Protestant and had other children.
Would explain why son seems to be Catholic and daus seem to be Protestant.
Theophilus and Mary had issue:

  1. John Yielding,
    bapt 9 February 1772 [Tralee RC par records].
    See bapt entry. From here.
    It is unclear but looks like baptism says illegitimate. All the children on the page are described in Latin as "legitimate child of" but this entry looks different. Looks like it says "illegitimate".

Theophilus is listed at son's bapt 1772 as of Ratass, E side of Tralee.
He later lived Caherina House (or "Caher Anne", and other spellings), W side of Tralee.
He is there by [Deed, 1796].
[Correspondence of Daniel O'Connell, vol 2] is wrong to say he was of "Caheraan, Killarney".
He died at Caherina, 1804.
(todo) See notice in Cork Advertiser, Tue 24 July 1804.
His will was proved 1805 or 1807. See index which shows both 1805 and 1807 (maybe two administrations). This will would be burnt in 1922.
Theophilus had issue (think not by Mary):

  1. Letitia Yielding,
    eldest daughter, born 1777.
    Her father died 1804.
    "Letitia Yielding, spinster" was defendant in a legal case in Tralee in Feb 1811.
    The plaintiff, John Loveland, made a strange request to have everyone connected with the case excluded on the grounds they were distant relations, and produced pedigrees going back to the 17th century.
    Mary Agnes Hickson (died 1899) wrote about the case and this was printed in the Kerry Evening Post, 20 February 1909. She does not explain the case itself, but writes about the strange genealogical request. She notes that everyone is indeed a distant relation, though Loveland's pedigrees are wrong.

    Letitia died unmarried, Mon 21 Oct 1844, age 67, at her brother-in-law Caleb Chute's house, Tralee.
    See notice in Kerry Evening Post, Wed 23 October 1844.
    She was buried 24 October 1844, Ballymacelligott CoI church near Tralee.
    See notice in Cork Examiner, 25 October 1844.

  2. Catherine Yielding,
    2nd dau, born 1779.
    Listed as of Tralee at burial.
    She died unmarried, 7 Feb 1844, age 65, at her brother-in-law Caleb Chute's house, Tralee.
    See notice in Kerry Evening Post, 7 February 1844.
    See notice in Cork Examiner, 9 February 1844.
    See notice in Limerick Gazette, 10 February 1844.
    She was buried 10 Feb 1844, Ballymacelligott CoI church near Tralee.

  3. Elizabeth Yielding,
    Elizabeth Mary Yielding,
    born 1784 [by age at burial],
    mar Capt. Caleb Chute.

Caherina House, Tralee, Co.Kerry


"Caher Anne", W side of Tralee.
From 1829 to 1842 map.
Caherina House would be the large building at the junction of the two roads. This is where the new Caherina House is.
The location is now junction of Caher Anne Rd and Spa Rd.

There is an early 20th century Caherina House at the junction today.
See street view.
Map from here.


Daughters of Theophilus Yielding


Letter of 20 Sept 1816 from Daniel O'Connell to his wife.
Mentions Elizabeth Yielding (Mrs. Chute) and one of her sisters. (Note her sisters would be age 39 and 37.)
"Butler" is James Butler of Waterville, 2nd cousin of the Yielding sisters.
From p.118 (letter 667) of [Correspondence of Daniel O'Connell, vol 2].

The burial of Catherine Yielding and her sister Letitia Yielding, 1844, Ballymacelligott CoI church.




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