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Richard Yielding, of Tralee

The will of Richard Yielding proved at Ardfert in 1714.
From [Index to Irish Wills].
All of these wills were burnt in 1922.

Richard Yielding,
or Yeilding, born pre-1697.
See and WikiTree.
"Richard Yeilding junior" is one of the "lives" in Deed of 1697 with Rowland Bateman. He later married Rowland's daughter.
In 1705 he acquired land at Deelis, Killiney par, Corkaguiny barony, Co.Kerry [Exchequer Bill of 1736].

He mar Belinda Bateman [of near Tralee].
[Hickson, 1874] thinks they were cousins through his mother Sarah Haines.

He was a merchant, of Tralee, Co.Kerry.
[Burkes Irish, 1976] is WRONG to say he was of Belview, Co.Limerick.
He is listed as of Tralee when will proved 1714. And his widow Belinda is listed as of Tralee in 1728. It was his son Richard who came to Belview.

Richard died in or shortly before 1714, when his children were young.
"Richard Yeilding junior" died before [Deed of 1714].
He would be "Richard Yielding" of Tralee, merchant, whose will was proved at Ardfert in 1714. Listed in [Index to Irish Wills]. This will was burnt in 1922.
He is listed as "merchant", deceased, brother of John, in [Deed of Feb 1728].
She is "Belenda Yielding" of Tralee, widow, in [Deed of Sept 1728]. She is leasing out property in Tralee town.
She is party to [Deed of 1734]. Describes her as Belinda Yielding (formerly Bateman) of Tralee, widow of Richard Yielding of Tralee, merchant. She is spelled "Bellinda" and "Belinda" in the same document.
Richard is described as merchant, of Tralee, deceased, in [Exchequer Bill of 1736].
Richard and Belinda had issue:

  1. James Yielding,
    eldest son,
    of Tralee,
    and of Ballybeggan (NE side of Tralee).

  2. Frances Yielding.
    She is one of the "lives" in [Deed of Sept 1728]. She is unmarried.
    She mar 1728-1733 to Robert Blennerhassett [born est c.1705] and had issue.
    "Black Jack's Book" shows she was married with a child by 1733.
    She and her husband are party to [Exchequer Bill of 1736].

  3. Richard Yielding,
    second son,
    of Belview, Co.Limerick.

Richard's widow "Belenda Yielding" in [Deed of Sept 1728].
The "lives" are her brother-in-law John Yielding and her children James and Frances.

The start of [Deed of 1734] between Belinda Bateman and her son Richard Yielding.

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