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Our common ancestors - Fitzgerald - Contents

Sir John Fitzedmund Fitzgerald, of Cloyne, Co.Cork

Sir John Fitzedmund Fitzgerald (see here), born 1527.
He mar Honor O'Brien [descendant of Brian Boru],
He stayed loyal to the Crown during the Desmond Rebellion that started 1569.
He acquired Cloyne Castle in the town of Cloyne, formerly the palace of the Bishops of Cloyne. Fitzgerald acquired it in 1575. In order to acquire it he, though a layman, became Dean of Cloyne.
Knighted in 1602:
The Lord Deputy, Charles Blount, 8th Baron Mountjoy, returning to Dublin from the Battle of Kinsale, visited Fitzgerald at Cloyne on 7 Mar 1602 (regarded at the time as the end of 1601). Fitzgerald grandly entertained Lord Mountjoy, and was knighted by him.
See p.536 in [JRSAI, 1869].

He died 15 Jan 1612, aged 85 yrs [inscription on tomb].
Buried in Cloyne Cathedral, with a monument.
See biography.
Sir John and Honor had issue:

  1. Sir Edmund Fitzgerald,
    or Edmond, eldest son, born 1569,
    of Cloyne and Ballymaloe, Co.Cork.

Cloyne on 1829 to 1842 map.
Cloyne Castle is gone.
Cloyne Castle was the seat of Sir John Fitzedmund Fitzgerald. His initials were carved on it.
It was near the Cathedral, to the SE side of the crossroads. It was demolished 1797.
The "ruin" here is a building called the "Fire House".
See modern street view of Cathedral.

Fitzgerald tomb in Cloyne Cathedral

The tomb of Sir John Fitzedmund Fitzgerald and his son Sir Edmund Fitzgerald.
Cloyne Cathedral, Cloyne, Co.Cork.
See images.

Fitzgerald tomb in Cloyne Cathedral.
From between pages 536 and 537 in [JRSAI, 1869].

Inscription on floor at Fitzgerald tomb in Cloyne Cathedral.
From between pages 536 and 537 in [JRSAI, 1869].

Description of the tomb.
From pp.536-537 in [JRSAI, 1869].

Fitzgerald tomb in Cloyne Cathedral.
From [Tait, 2013].

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