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My ancestors - Flanagan - Contents

Larry Flanagan

(Back) Michael.
(Middle) Left to Right: Larry Flanagan, May, Nancy, Dora Rafter.
(Front) Sheila.
Photo must be c.1907.
Photo courtesy of Michael Peevey.
See larger and full size.
See other scan.

Larry Flanagan,
born 2nd May 1874, farmer.
He apparently lived at Walkinstown House for a time.

He mar 1895 to Dora Rafter [Dora Mary, born 1875, Dublin city, dau of a wealthy farmer from around the same area, poss. Greenhills, Tallaght].
They lived Leicester House, Crumlin.
He is listed as "market gardener, Leicester House, Crumlin Rd" in [Thom's] from 1896 to 1926.
See entry at Leicester House in [Census, 1901]. He is "farmer". He owns the land on which he lives. They have 2 servants living with them.
See entry at Leicester House in [Census, 2 April 1911]. He is "market gardener". He owns the land on which he lives. They have 3 servants living with them.
Like all the Flanagan brothers, he was a great entertainer and drinker.
He was nicknamed "The Roseate Dawn" because of his red complexion.
In and around the later part of WWI, his three daughters met and married three prominent jockeys.
Deirdre Flanagan thinks Leicester House may have been a bit of a horse racing centre during the war. She thinks an early "Point-to-Point" race may have run from Leicester House to Dolphin's Barn.

Dora died 26th Oct 1921, age 46 yrs,
bur Glasnevin Cemetery.
Larry died at Leicester House, Wed 9th Dec 1925, age 51 yrs [GROI],
bur Glasnevin Cemetery.
Larry and Dora had issue:

  1. May Flanagan, born 1896, Dublin city,
    Mary J. Flanagan, she spelt it "Mai", "Mai" on parents' gravestone,
    she is "Mary Flanagan", granddau of the Alderman, age 5, who is listed as staying with the Alderman in Census 1901,
    she is NOT the "Mary Smith" in [Deed of 1904],
    not listed with family in Census 1911, perhaps at boarding school,
    mar c.1918 to Billy Smith [Irish, steeplechase jockey, born 1892] and had issue.

  2. Michael Flanagan, junior [Michael Joseph, Mick],
    known as "young Michael" (he had an uncle Michael and grandfather Michael),
    born 1898, Co.Dublin,
    age 3 in 1901 census,
    registered his father's death 1925 [GROI],
    Michael Flanagan is listed as "market gardener, Leicester House, Crumlin Rd" in [Thom's] from 1927 to 1932,
    Leicester House, Crumlin, was auctioned 1931,
    had the Alderman accepted a title, he would have been the 2nd Baronet (succ Oct 1931) and the title would have gone extinct with him,
    worked for his brother-in-law Fred Winter, senior (racehorse trainer),
    he was called "last of the Flanagans", except there are still Flanagans in New Zealand,
    died unmarried in England c.1983/4, age c.85/6 yrs, bur Newmarket.

  3. Nancy Flanagan, Nan, Ann,
    "Anne" in birth cert and census,
    born 29 August 1898, Leicester House, NOT 1897 or 1899,
    see birth cert from here,
    not listed with family in Census 1911, perhaps at boarding school,
    mar pre-1922 to Fred Winter, senior [English, flat race jockey, born 1895] and had issue.

  4. Sheila Flanagan,
    "Sheilah" in census,
    born 1900, Co.Dublin,
    age 1 in 1901 census,
    mar think 1917-19 to Morny Wing [English, flat race jockey, born 2 Aug 1896] and had issue.

Larry Flanagan grave, Glasnevin

Larry Flanagan grave, Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin.
Location: kD 16 ½. Go in gate, go to RHS, past start of new centre, take first left, go down to 2nd block.
See wide shot showing location.
See street view.

Larry Flanagan grave, Glasnevin.
Photo 2013. See full size and wider shot.

Photo 2013. See full size.

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