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Harding of Harding Grove, Co.Limerick

Henry Harding listed in the Croom militia, Co.Limerick, in the 1790s.
From [Snoddy, 1971].

Henry Harding,
of Harding Grove, NW of Bruree, Bruree par, S of Croom, Co.Limerick,
mar Elizabeth ----,
Major of the Limerick Militia,
became a Freeman of Limerick 27 June 1808,
he might be Henry Harding, of Harding Grove, who died in Dublin in 1827, see notice in Tipperary Free Press, 4 August 1827,
had issue:

  1. Samuel Harding,
    eldest son,
    born Harding Grove, 1782 [military record].
    Officer in 18th Light Dragoons.
    See military record in WO 25/280 (WO 25. 18 Dragoons) in [NA.UK].
    Lieutenant 20 Aug 1803.
    He married in 1807, apparently NOT 1804, to Letitia Blennerhassett [born est c.1785].
    They married in Nantinan church, Co.Limerick (near the Blennerhassett seat Riddlestown). Think married 11 May 1807.
    See notice in Saunders's News-Letter, 16 May 1807.
    Marriage settlement dated 16 May 1807, registered with [LR] 30 July 1807, book 593, p.210, no.402483.
    She was entitled to £2,960 under will of her late father.

    Samuel became a Freeman of Limerick 28 June 1813.
    They lived Harding Grove, Co.Limerick.
    Samuel may have died in 1820-25 (see below).
    Samuel and Letitia had issue:

    1. Henry Harding, eldest son, born 1811,
      died 12 Mar 1885, Chicago, USA, age 74 yrs,
      see Limerick Chronicle, 31 March 1885.

    2. Bessie Harding, born c.1816-19, Co.Limerick,
      mar Alfred Russell [born c.1815-18, son of George William Russell] and had issue.
      See RUSSELL in [Burkes Irish, 1976, p.994, col.2].

    3. Sarah Harding, born 1818 in Ireland,
      Sarah Grace Harding,
      mar, settlement 1838, to Michael Cullen and had issue.

    4. Joseph Harding,
      youngest son, born 1820, or poss. 1822,
      died 16 Nov 1885 (or poss. 26 Nov), Chicago, USA, age 65 yrs, or poss. age 63,
      see Limerick Chronicle, 5 January 1886.

    Samuel may have died in 1820-25 and Letitia re-married:
    [Limerick Chronicle, 5 Feb 1825] refers to the marriage "this morning at George's Church" of Thomas Harding, M. D., of Limerick, to Mrs. Harding, widow of the late Samuel Harding, of Harding Grove.
    See notice in Freemans Journal, February 9, 1825.
    Thomas Harding, physician, Glentworth St, Limerick, is listed in [Pigot's Directory, 1824].
    Letitia may have taken family to Limerick city, away from Harding Grove, which apparently went to Samuel's brother Henry.
    Thomas Harding, M. D., Limerick, was a subscriber to [Lewis, 1837].

  2. Henry Harding,
    Freeman of Limerick 28 June 1813,
    inherited Harding Grove.
    [Donnelly, 2009] notes that Henry Harding, of Harding Grove, was threatened with assassination by insurgents during the Agrarian Rebellion of 1821-1824, and in 1822 he temporarily left Co.Limerick.
    "Henry Harding" is listed as holding 221 acres at Harding Grove in [Tithe Survey, 1829].
    "H. Harding" is listed at Harding Grove under BRUREE in [Lewis, 1837].
    "Henry Harding" of Harding Grove is listed in 1838 among the non-resident Freemen of Cork (and copy and here).

Harding Grove, Co.Limerick, on 1829 to 1842 map.

Harding Grove, Co.Limerick, on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern street view of S entrance.

Nantinan church, Co.Limerick

N of Rathkeale, S of Askeaton, Co.Limerick.

The Blennerhassett seat Riddlestown and nearby Nantinan.
From p.104 of [Taylor and Skinner, 1777].
N is approximately to the right.
Nantinan is NE of Riddlestown.

Nantinan church on 1829 to 1842 map.
See modern street view.

Harding of Rock Lodge, Co.Limerick

Samuel Harding,
of Rock Lodge (or Rocklodge), Kilteery townland, Loghill par, Co.Limerick (on the Shannon Estuary coast road, E of Glin),
had issue:
  1. Christiana Harding,
    NOT Christianna, NOT Christina,
    born 1803, 2nd dau,
    mar 1831 to Henry G. Cashel and had issue.

"Samuel Harding" is listed at Kilteery in [Tithe Survey, 1832].
"Samuel Harding" of Rock Lodge was a subscriber to [Lewis, 1837].
"Samuel Harding" is listed in Kilteery in [Griffiths Valuation]. He holds the entire townland and lives in the only big house (Rock Lodge).

Rock Lodge on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern street view of entrance from main road.

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