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Henry G. Cashel, of Bushfield, Co.Tipperary

Christiana Harding (must be sitting).
Standing: Isabella Bland (must be the one on right),
and a grand-aunt (NOT aunt) of Annabella Cashel (not sure on which side of family, must be the one standing on left).
Courtesy of Pat Almond. See original (dark).

This branch knew the story that "farther back in the family "someone" had been involved in a duel and it was quite messy". In fact it was remembered that it was "around the end of the Napoleonic War", and "there was a massive stink over why [the Cashel] did not hang".
This would support the idea that the original Henry of Bushfield was the same as Henry, uncle of Rowan who was in the duel.

Henry G. Cashel [Henry George],
prob. descendant of Edward III,
of Bushfield, Co.Tipperary,
born temp 1805, Protestant,
must be named after grandfather Henry,
his line spelt it "Cashel".
He is described as "of Bushfield" at mar 1831.

He mar June 1831, at Loghill church, Co.Limerick (on the coast, near her house of Rock Lodge, see map) to Christiana Harding [born 1803].
See [Limerick Herald, 12 June 1831] and [Limerick Evening Post, 14 June 1831], NOT 14 July.
Children born at Rock Lodge, Co.Limerick, or at Sandville, near Limerick.

He had left Bushfield by 1837, still owned it, renting it out.
The entry for KILMASTULLA in [Lewis, 1837] lists one of the principal seats of Kilmastulla par as "Bushfield, the residence of J. Philips, Esq."
The list of subscribers to the publication of [Lewis, 1837] includes "Philips, John, Esq., Bushfield (Killaloe), co Tipperary".
"R. Cashel", of Bushfield, is listed in the "Nobility, Gentry and Clergy" of the Nenagh area in [Slater's Directory, 1846]. Possibly this is just an error for the absent H. Cashel.
It was thought that around the time of the Famine 1845-50, the Cashel family moved to England.
But not all of them: Benjamin was in England by 1871, later lived Scotland. Henry G. is apparently in London 1866, but his widow Christiana died back in Ireland 1885. Douglas still in Ireland 1901, in London by 1913.

[Griffiths Valuation, c.1850] shows "Henry Cashel" still owning large part of Gortnaskehy, Kilmastulla par, and renting it out. No Cashel in residence. There is one large building, on considerable grounds, occupied by "Henry Phillips", renting from "Henry Cashel". This must be Bushfield house.

He is described as "landed proprietor" in his son Benjamin's death cert.
See Power of Attorney from him, 23 Mar 1866 (and full size), stamped in London 22 Mar 1866, authorising his son Benjamin to act on his behalf in relation to land at Clonbuy [unidentified], Kilmastulla par [near Bushfield], N Co.Tipperary, "as now in the possession of Mrs. Christina Russell and of which land I claim to be the rightful inheritor".

He died soon after 1866. Death not found in [GROI].
Christiana died 17th Jan 1885, 63 Haddington Rd, Dublin (NOT London), age 82 yrs [GROI].
See death notice (and full size) from Irish newspaper (prob. Dublin newspaper).
Henry and Christiana had issue:

  1. Benjamin H. Cashel,
    Benjamin Harding Cashel, eldest child,
    born evening of Sat 14 Apr 1832, Rock Lodge, Co.Limerick. See [Limerick Herald, Mon 16 Apr 1832].
    (todo) See [Limerick Chronicle, 18 Apr 1832].
    He must be named after grandfather Benjamin.
    He mar Isabella Bland.
    Living Kendal, Westmoreland (now Cumbria) as at 1871-1872.
    They separated, think pre-1885.
    Benjamin is apparently living or staying, think in lodgings, at 142 Kent Rd, Glasgow, at time of his mother's death in Dublin 1885. His dau must be living elsewhere with wife.
    He is living 343 Paisley Rd, Glasgow, at death 1895. His occupation listed as "publisher's canvasser".
    Listed as "commission agent" at dau's mar 1899.
    He died 5 May 1895, Western Infirmary, Glasgow, age 63 yrs. See death cert from [GRO.Scot].
    Isabella fl 1895.
    Benjamin and Isabella had issue:

    1. Annabella Cashel, only dau,
      born c.2nd Dec, 1871, Stricklandgate, Kendal, Westmoreland,
      see her vaccination cert, Kendal, 13th Jan 1872, age 6 weeks,
      living 86 Redheugh Rd, Gateshead at mar,
      mar 1899, Gateshead, to William Almond and had issue.

  2. (son) Cashel,
    born at Rock Lodge, 1833-34,
    see [Limerick Chronicle, 4 Jan 1834].

  3. Douglas Cashel, born 1840.
    He must be the unnamed son of Henry Cashel of Bushfield, who was bapt 26 Feb 1840, Nenagh [par records].
    He wit his brother Albert's mar 1861.
    Listed as living 1 Elm Grove, Rathmines, Co.Dublin, at mar.
    He mar 8 Sept 1868 to Charlotte Crawford [Charlotte Anne, dau of John Crawford].
    At mar she is living 17 Upr Rutland St, N Dublin city [now Sean O'Casey Ave, off Summerhill].
    They mar at St.George's par church (C of I), Hardwicke Place (near junction of Dorset St and Temple St), N Dublin city [GROI].
    At Emily's birth 1869 they are living 17 Upr Rutland St. He is listed as a "Clerk" at the Registry of Deeds, Dublin.
    At Sidney's birth 1872 they are living 14 Russell Place, N Dublin city, and he is "Clerk" at Registry of Deeds.
    "Emily Crawford" (must be Charlotte's sister or mother) is living with them at 14 Russell Place, 1872.
    Living 4 [think Drumcondra Rd], N Dublin, at birth of Douglas 1873.
    Listed in [Thom's, 1901] as "Clerk, First Class" at the Registry of Deeds.
    He retired. They moved to London.
    Lived 106 Clapham Rd, Kennington (right beside "The Oval" cricket ground), S of Lambeth, on River Thames, opposite Westminster, SE central London.
    Worshipped at St. Marks Church, Kennington.
    [Pat Almond] says: "The family were staunch Protestants and are mentioned (Emily in particular) in many old parish bulletins of St. Marks Church".
    He died family home, 106 Clapham Rd, Kennington, Wed night, 10 Dec 1913, age 73 yrs.
    See death cert from [GRO.UK].
    See death notice (and full size) in St.Mark's, Kennington, Parish Magazine. Church records in [LMA].
    Funeral at St.Mark's, Kennington, 13 Dec 1913. He was bur Nunhead Cemetery, Nunhead, some distance to the SE of Kennington.
    Charlotte fl 1913.
    Douglas and Charlotte had issue:

    1. Emily Cashel,
      Emily Louisa Cashel, born 31 July 1869, 17 Upper Rutland St, Dublin [GROI].
      She wit her brother's wedding 1901.
      Reported her father's death 1913. Living family home, 106 Clapham Rd, Kennington.
      [Pat Almond] says she was "apparently a noted family tree researcher. Her part of the family had fallen on hard times and she made money researching family trees for erstwhile estate claims". She was definitely working on the Cashel family tree during and after WW1.
      She never married.
      Annabella Cashel had some contact with this side of the family, visited them.
      Emily died c.1930, age c.61 yrs. (todo) Search [GRO.UK].

    2. Sydney Crawford Cashel,
      or Sidney, middle name after mother's family,
      born 14th Jan 1872, 14 Russell Place, Dublin [GROI],
      "Sidney C. Cashel, nephew" present at uncle Benjamin's death in Glasgow 1895 [GRO.Scot],
      "Sydney Crawford Cashel", electrical engineer, living 11 Kenilworth Square, Rathgar, Dublin, as at mar 1901,
      mar 3rd July 1901, Rathmines (C of I), Co.Dublin [GROI] to Violet Millicent Fleming [dau of Henry Fleming, clergyman; she was living 29 Windsor Rd, Rathmines, at mar],
      he went to Canada,
      he fought for Canada in WWI 1914-18, in [Canadian WWI records] he has Regimental Number 505374, he joined the Canadian Engineers,
      see sign up form dated 10 Mar 1916, lists him as a mechanical and electrical engineer, then living Collingwood, East Vancouver, British Columbia,

    3. Douglas Cashel, or Cashell,
      Douglas Henry, after father and grandfather,
      born 7 July 1873, 4 [think Drumcondra Rd], N Dublin [GROI],
      died 6 Nov 1873, Norman Cottage, Jones' Rd (now beside Croke Park), N Dublin, age 4 months, of "inflammation of the bowels" [GROI].

  4. Albert Cashel,
    or Cashell,
    Albert Edward, born 1841, Ireland [UK census, 1901].
    He must be the unnamed son born at Sandville, near Limerick city, May 1841. See [Limerick Standard, 31 May 1841].
    He is listed as living Ballsbridge, Co.Dublin, at mar 1861.
    He mar 23 Sept 1861 [him age 20, her age 23] to Henrietta Maunsell Hardinge [born 1838, dau of William Hardinge, Officer in HM Treasury].
    At mar 1861 she is listed as living at "Merrion Terrace, Co.Dublin" [name given to a stretch of the Merrion Road near St.Mary's].
    They mar at Registrar's Office, Dublin [GROI, Protestant marriages].
    He is listed as "Agent", living 34 Serpentine Ave, Sandymount, Co.Dublin, at wife's death 1867.
    She died 26 Nov 1867, 34 Serpentine Ave, age 29 yrs [GROI]. NOT 1866.
    He wit his brother Douglas' mar 1868.
    He registered his mother Christiana's death 1885. Then living "Town Hall, Ballsbridge", Co.Dublin.
    Listed as living with his son's family in [UK census, 1901]. Described as widower, "retired municipal clerk".
    Albert and Henrietta had issue:

    1. Henrietta Cashel, born 1865,
      died 22nd Apr 1882, 4 Williamstown Ave, Blackrock, Co.Dublin, age 17 yrs [GROI].

    2. Albert Edward Cashel, born 1867,
      listed in [UK census, 1901] as living 13 Vicarage Rd, W side of Croydon, London (see map),
      had issue:

      1. Roland Harding Cashel,
        born 1892.

      2. Eileen F. Cashel,
        think NOT Ellen, born 1897, Hornsey, London (see map).

      3. Florence K. Cashel,
        born 1898, Hornsey.

Benjamin H. Cashel.
Courtesy of Pat Almond. See full size and original (dark).

Sandville, Co.Limerick

The Cashel house in 1841 was Sandville, near Limerick city.
This may be Sandville, Co.Limerick, S of Ballyneety, some distance SE of Limerick city.

Sandville, Shehan's Cross, S of Ballyneety, Co.Limerick.
From 1887 to 1913 map.
The house still exists. It was for sale in 1999, sold 2000.
See modern street view of entrance.

Miscellaneous Cashel of London

Miscellaneous Cashel of England

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