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John Collis

Barrow House.
From street view.


John Collis,
of Barrow House, Barrow Harbour, on the coast to the NW of Tralee, Co.Kerry.
He is listed as of Barrow at mar.
He mar 1836 to Millicent Agnes Blennerhassett [born 1810].
She died 1843.
They had issue:

  1. Letitia Collis, born 1837.
    She mar 1 December 1863, Ardfert (NOT Tralee) to Oliver Mason Creagh [born 1833].
    See mar cert from here.
    They emigrated to New Zealand 1865.
    She died in New Zealand, 1865, age 28 yrs. See grave.
    He mar 2ndly, 1869, to Annie Cashel [born 1842] and had issue.
    Death notice says she was dau of George Cashel of Shallee, Co.Tipperary. thinks she was dau of George Cashel and Jane Anne Franklin of Bedford House, Co.Kerry.

    Annie died 1890, New Zealand, age 48 yrs. See grave.
    Oliver Mason died 1924, New Zealand, age 91 yrs. See grave.
    Letitia and Oliver Mason Creagh had issue:

    1. Millicent Agnes Blennerhassett Creagh,
      born 1865, Ireland,
      died unmarried, New Zealand, 1925. See grave.

  2. Melicent Collis,
    Melicent Agnes Lucy Collis, born 1840, NOT Millicent.
    She mar 21 January 1865, Ardfert (NOT Tralee)
    to Rev. William R. Hiffernan [William Ruby Hiffernan, or Heffernan, born 1823, son of Rev. Thomas Exham Hiffernan].
    Rev. William was a CoI cleric. At mar he was a Curate at Glenbeigh, Co.Kerry.
    See mar cert from here. See other copy from here.

    He was a Curate at Ballycushlane, Co.Kerry, 1867 to 1885. See [Ardfert and Aghadoe Clergy, p.59 and 100].
    They lived at Cahereenard, Kealgorm townland, SW side of Castleisland, Co.Kerry.
    She died 3 Nov 1885, Cahereenard, age 45 yrs. See death cert from here.
    See him listed in Kealgorm in 1901 census.
    He died 31 July 1909, Cahereenard, age 86 yrs. See death cert from here.
    See admin of estate. From here. Granted to James Chute, M.D. (unidentified).
    [Ardfert and Aghadoe Clergy, p.61] shows that Rev. William had a sister Isabella Louisa Hiffernan who married in 1856 to Capt. Thomas Chute. So James Chute is probably his nephew.
    The disposal of his estate was disputed. See item in Kerry Evening Post, December 4, 1909. Says James Chute is next-of-kin to Rev. Hiffernan, and Diana Collis and Thomas Collis are next-of-kin to his wife. Looks like no children.

  3. Thomas Collis.
    He mar 20 December 1866, Tralee, to Arabella Collis [Arabella Louise Collis, dau of William Collis].
    See mar cert from here.
    He sold Barrow House in 1870.
    Listed as living Spa, Tralee, at dau's birth 1873.
    Emigrated to Australia. Or maybe that should be New Zealand (where his sons later lived).
    They had issue:

    1. John Collis,
      born 4 Dec 1867, Barrow House.
      See birth cert from here.
      Lived in area of North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand.

    2. William Francis Collis,
      born 30 June 1870, Barrow House.
      See birth cert from here.
      Lived Takapuna, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand.
      He died 4 Nov 1930, Takapuna. See

    3. Kate Collis,
      born 6 Apr 1873, Spa, Tralee.
      See birth cert from here.

Barrow House on 1829 to 1842 map.
See modern map.
This is now a guesthouse, Barrow House.

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