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George Cashell

Shallee House, Co.Tipperary, in 1887 to 1913 map.
See also 1829 to 1842 map.
See modern satellite view and street view of entrance.

George Cashell,
or Cashel.
He was probably born 1733, or just before.
Descendant of Edward III.
He mar Ellen Alton.
He is listed as of multiple places:

He must be "George Cashel" who witnessed the marriage settlement of Agnes Blennerhassett (2nd cousin of his mother Sarah Rowan) 1761.
George Cashell, or Cashel, of Castlemorris and Rathanny, was High Sheriff of Co.Kerry 1783-1786.
George Cashell, of Castle Cashell (unidentified), is listed in J.P.'s of Co.Kerry, 1785. See p.266 of [Hickson, 1872].

George dies, think 1802:
His will dated 18 Dec 1801.
Listed as "of Tralee" in 1802.
He died think 1802.
His will proved 1802 [NAI], [King]. Will burnt in 1922.
Ellen was living Molesworth St, Dublin, in 1806 [King's Inns].

Ellen dies, 1826:
She died Wed 27 or Thur 28 Dec 1826, at her son Arthur's house, Tralee, in advanced age.
"Mrs. Ellen Cashell" was buried on 30 Dec 1826 [Ballyseedy CoI parish records, part of Ballymacelligott par records]. See image from here. See other photo.
See The Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier, Tue 2nd Jan 1827, [NLI].
See The Constitution or Cork Advertiser, Tue 2nd Jan 1827, [NLI].
(todo) See Limerick Chronicle, 3rd Jan 1827.
George and Ellen had issue:

  1. George Cashel.
    He was involved in the political intrigue of 1815-16, i.e. the attempts to secure his brother Rowan's acquittal after the duel of 7 Aug 1815.
    He registered a batch of freeholders as part of the plan to help his brother. Think it is Fuller who refers to "Registry", 20 Aug and 11 Oct 1815. Think this was burnt in 1922. No register of Co.Kerry voters from this time seems to survive.
    There were similar exertions by other relatives of Rowan.
    He must be:

    George Cashel, JP, born 1780.
    Lived Shallee House, Co.Tipperary.
    He must be "George Cashell" who is listed in House of Commons Parliamentary papers, Volume 35, 1832, as one of the Magistrates in the Commission of the Peace in Co.Kerry.
    He died June-July 1855 "at his residence, Shallee House, Co.Tipperary", age 75 yrs [Kerry Evening Post, Sat 7 July 1855, [BL.NL] M 21866].
    (todo) See Cork Examiner, 20 July 1855.
    His will pr 1855 [NAI]. Think will burnt in 1922.

  2. Arthur Cashell,
    or Cashel.
    Lived Tralee.
    His mother died at his house in Tralee in 1826.

    Arthur might be the same as (although see also Arthur Cashel of Bushfield and Mary Anne Bevan):

    Arthur Cashel,
    mar Mary Anne ----,
    had issue:

    1. George Henry Cashel, bapt 13 Mar 1827 [Tralee Protestant par records].

    He might be the same as:

    Arthur C. Cashel.
    Listed in [Pigot's Directory, 1820] as an attorney, with office at 56 Capel St, Dublin (next to Rowan Cashel at 57 Capel St).

    The latter must be:

    Arthur Cashell, solicitor,
    of Borrisokane, N Co.Tipperary,
    had issue:

    1. Henry William Cashell, 2nd son, born 1837,
      lived Newton Rd, Auckland, New Zealand (see map),
      died 12 June 1870, New Zealand, age 33 yrs,
      funeral 14 June,
      see death notice in Daily Southern Cross, Auckland, 14 June 1870, Page 3,
      also notice in Daily Southern Cross, 6 July 1870, Page 8.

  3. Rowan Patrick Cashel,
    Rowan Cashel, or Cashell,
    3rd surviving son, born est c.1789.
    The name Rowan comes from grandmother's family.
    The name Patrick may come from great-grandfather Patrick Cashell.
    Jacobie O'Leary Cashel thought he might be Catholic, but this seems unlikely.
    He killed a friend in a duel in 1815.
    He was acquitted of murder in 1816 amid great controversy.

  4. Henry Cashel.

  5. Thomas Cashel.

  6. Robert Cashell,
    or Cashel.

  7. Richard Cashel.

The sons are listed in this notice about their inheritance in Nenagh Guardian, June 17, 1868.

Cashel of Killarney

The sons above are linked to Lakeville, near Churchtown and Killarney.

Notice by 5 of the sons in response to the [O'Connor pamphlet about the duel, 1816].
From The General Advertiser, or Limerick Gazette, 8 Oct 1816.
See transcript, which says it is from Limerick General Advertiser, 3 October 1816.
The notice is issued from Lakeville, near Killarney (a Blennerhassett house).

Cashel of Shallee, Co.Tipperary

Some Cashels of Shallee, Co.Tipperary, went to New Zealand (see below).
But other Cashels stayed in Shallee.


Cashel of Shallee and New Zealand

George Cashel of Shallee, Co.Tipperary, went to New Zealand.
These seem to be related to Cashel of Bedford House, Co.Kerry.


Cashel of Rathanny, Co.Kerry

George and Ellen Cashell

Here is a William Cashell, child of George and Ellen Cashell.
This could be George Cashell and Ellen Alton above.
William does not sign the brothers' letter in 1816. But he may have died.

Baptism of William Cashell, 27 May 1787.
From here.

Cashel of Tralee, Co.Kerry


"old George Cashel" and "young George Cashel".
Item in The Kerry Magazine, vol.3, 1856, p.128.
This refers to the racehorse Governor, from the Tralee of around 1786.
It was purchased from "old George Cashel for 50 pounds a year, terminable on the life of the present young George Cashel".

Signature of a "George Cashel" on payment of £129, think received 3 Oct 1798.
From Ms 20609 (1).
See full size.
Other side has payment details, dated Tralee, 20 Aug 1798. "George Cashell".

A "George Cashel" appears in [Vestry Minutes Books, Tralee church] in Apr 1806.
See full size.

"George Cashel" in [Vestry Minutes Books, Tralee church] in Mar 1807.
See full size.

"George Cashel" in [Vestry Minutes Books, Tralee church] in Apr 1810.
See full size.

"George Cashel" in [Vestry Minutes Books, Tralee church] in Apr 1811.
See full size.


Natural child

The following natural child of "George Cashel, junior" (unidentified), baptised in 1796, is interesting.
Could George Cashel, junior, have had another natural child in 1807?

Francis Cashel, the natural son of George Cashel, junior, of Tralee parish, was bapt 7 Apr 1796 [Tralee CoI par records].
No mother listed.


Other Cashel of Munster

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