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George Lindsay

George Lindsay.
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George Lindsay, born 1794,
of Tarbert, Co.Kerry.
He was a coast guard officer at Tarbert.
This is the same as the customs service that his father and brother worked for.
He was appointed to the Customs service at Tarbert in Aug 1812 [CUST 20/51]. Age 18.
Listed as boatman with Customs at Tarbert in 1817 [CUST 20/54]. See image.
Listed as boatman with Customs at Tarbert in Oct 1820 [CUST 20/51]. See image.
Listed (crossed out) as boatman with Customs at Tarbert in apparently 1824 [CUST 20/55]. See image. (The other name crossed out is George Carter.)
He is not listed in the Customs staff at Tarbert in 1826.

He mar 1stly, 9 June 1829 [St.Michael's (Church of Ireland) parish records, Limerick] to Alicia Moore [born 1800].
Alicia was meant to be grand-dau of Stephen Moore, 1st Earl Mount Cashell. The latter married in 1769, so the dates are plausible, and Alicia was a family name, but can't find her in Mount Cashell family tree.
[Letter, 1900] notes that Rev. Thomas Enraght Lindsay recently wrote to Earl Mount Cashell (would be 5th or 6th Earl) and the Earl was not aware of any marriage of a relation to Lindsay.
George and Alicia were both Church of Ireland at mar.
[Lindsay family tree], based on [Letter, 1900], claimed they were married by a Catholic priest: "though both were Protestants they were married by an R.C. priest because this wedding was not regarded as legal so that Alicia could continue to enjoy the income as a spinster which she would otherwise have lost because her brother would not give his consent." But the St.Michael's (Church of Ireland) parish records do not support this story.
Alicia died within a year of marriage, 26th Jan 1830, age 30 [grave],
bur 28 Jan [Limerick Cathedral par records] in churchyard of St.Mary's Cathedral (Church of Ireland), Limerick.
George is described as of the "Waterguards" at mar 1832.

He mar 2ndly, 21st October 1832 [Kilnaughtin par records] to Jane Smith [born 1798, dau of Marmaduke Smith of Tarbert].
[Smith deed, 1820] refers to Jane Smith as age 9 "or thereabouts" (born 1798) as at 1 Oct 1807, and her sister Mary Smith as age 7 "or thereabouts" (born 1800).
See Will of Marmaduke Smith 12 Feb 1832.
Letter of 1873 says Marmaduke Smith died 10 Jan 1834.

George and Jane lived Tarbert.
He retired 1850.
"George Lindsay of Tarbert", "Gentleman", was one of executors of his brother Thomas' will 1861.
Jane died 26th May 1871 at Tarbert, [GROI], age 73 yrs, death registered by Mary Smith of Tarbert,
bur 31 May 1871 [Kilnaughtin (Tarbert) Protestant par records].
[Draft deed, 1873] says she died without issue.
No admin found in [NAI].
George is listed at Jane's death as "an ex chief officer of Coast Guards".
His will dated 20th July 1871.
Letter of 1873 (about Mary Smith's lease) says to Windle, solicitor: "Mr. Lindsay called at your house this morning".
He is listed as "coast guard pensioner", widower, at death.
He died Tarbert, 29 Mar 1874, age 80 yrs [GROI],
bur 2 Apr [Limerick Cathedral par records] at Limerick Cathedral with his 1st wife.
Will proven 5 April 1875, at Limerick, "Effects under £800", described as "George Lindsay late of Tarbert, Co.Kerry, Gentleman" [NAI].

George and Jane might be parents of:

  1. Elizabeth Jane Lindsay, born 1839 (mother, if it is Jane, would be age 40),
    of Tarbert Island,
    bur 2 October 1858, age 19 yrs [Kilnaughtin (Tarbert) Protestant par records].

George Lindsay listed as boatman at Tarbert in 1817 in [CUST 20/54].
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George Lindsay listed as boatman at Tarbert in 1820 in [CUST 20/51].
It says he started in 1812.
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1st Earl Mount Cashell and family.
From here.

Grave of George Lindsay and his 1st wife Alicia Moore.
St.Mary's Cathedral (Church of Ireland), Limerick.
The grave is in the upper level of graves, at the corner closest to the main entrance gate from the road.
Photo 2010. See larger and full size.
See close up and wider shot and wider shot.

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