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Joseph Lindsay

[Tarbert Rental of 1792] shows Joseph Lindsay occupying "Part of Tarbert and a mud wall house in Tarbert".
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Joseph Lindsay, born 1759,
of Tarbert, Kilnaughtin par, Co.Kerry.
He is listed in 1778 and 1786 in [Vestry Minutes Book, Kilnaughtin parish].
His lease of property in Tarbert started 1 May 1782 [Tarbert Rental of 1792].

Worked in customs at Tarbert from 1785 to his death 1805:
Research by Rev. Thomas Enraght Lindsay established that Joseph Lindsay had a Commission as Boatman (boat maintenance) and Tide Waiter (customs inspector) dated 7 Dec 1785, and he appeared for duty at Tarbert on 17 May 1786.

Agent for Leslie, at least 1785 to 1802:
Leslie papers show Joseph was agent to Leslie of Tarbert House from at least 1785 to 1802.
To be precise, he was agent to Sir Edward Leslie, 1st (and only) Baronet (succeeded to Tarbert 1770, cr Baronet 1787, died 1818).
[Note of Jan 1786] shows Joseph Lindsay of Tarbert trying to collect a debt on 5 Dec 1785 in Co.Limerick on behalf of "Edward Leslie, Esq" (the Baronet before his title in 1787) as his agent. He is given a bill on the Blennerhassett family but it is clear it will not be paid.
Leslie papers show extensive correspondence from Sir Edward Leslie, Baronet, to his agent or steward Joseph Lindsay at Tarbert in 1792 to 1802.
[Dalton, 1898] is wrong to dispute that he was the Leslie agent.
His grandson Joseph Lindsay says he was agent.

He mar pre-1788 to Catherine Enraght [born 1760, of Shanagolden, Co.Limerick].
Cutlery dating from his marriage used to exist, showing he then bore Lindsay arms.
He is listed as "Boatman" at Tarbert in customs records during at least 1788 to 1799 [NA.UK].
He is listed every year from 1789 to 1804 in [Vestry Minutes Book, Kilnaughtin parish] as involved in running the parish church.
[Tarbert Rental of 1792] shows Joseph Lindsay occupying "Part of Tarbert and a mud wall house in Tarbert". Property size 2 acres.
Leslie in a [1792 letter] from England refers to Lindsay reporting that whales had come up the River Shannon. "In your last, not a word of the whales so I suppose they have left the river and I now begin to doubt if they were ever in it."
He is listed as "of Tarbert" in 1793 and 1794 in [Vestry Minutes Book, Kilnaughtin parish], when he is given various church positions.

Sergeant in Tarbert Fencibles:
In response to both the threat of invasion from France and the 1798 Rising, many "Fencibles" regiments were set up.
Sir Edward Leslie set up the Tarbert Fencibles (Infantry, the "Loyal Tarbert Fencibles" or "Loyal Tarbert Regiment") in 1798. They were disbanded 1802. Joseph Lindsay was a Sergeant in them.
Letters of 1801 list him as a Sergeant in the Tarbert Fencibles, Tarbert.
[Letter of 15 Feb 1801] from Sir Edward Leslie hopes Lindsay is recruiting for him in Tarbert: "I am most anxious to hear if you are getting me any recruits". In [Letter of 3 Apr 1801] he complains: "I have just enlisted my [possibly 6th] recruit and you not one."

[Rental, 1 May 1802] shows him now holding a lot of property on the Tarbert estate:

  • Orchard, 10 acres.
  • North and East Lawns, 17 acres.
  • Middle field, 11 acres.
  • Barn field, 9 acres.
  • North field, 11 acres.
  • Tarbert Hill, 6 acres.
  • Brick Meadows, 15 acres.
  • Lane, 2 acres.
  • Longs field, 6 acres.

Letters of 1802 list him as "Barrack Master", Tarbert.
He was Keeper of the Bridewell at Tarbert (the prison). This would be the old Bridewell (the current building is 1831).

[Grant of Arms, 1897] says Joseph Lindsay lived at one point in the Leslie property, Leslie Lodge, Shanaway, near Tarbert. Though there is no real evidence for this and it may not be true. (A branch of the Leslie family seems to be living there.)
Joseph apparently still also worked for the Tarbert customs. He was doing a lot of jobs in the Tarbert area.
He would have worked under Richard Ponsonby in the customs service at Tarbert. (Ponsonby appointed head of customs at Tarbert in 1803.)
Notes of Rev. Thomas Enraght Lindsay say Joseph worked under Ponsonby (would be in 1803-05).
There is a "Hugh Lindsey" (unidentified) listed as a boatman, Tarbert, working under Ponsonby, in CUST 20/47 (Salary Books and Establishments - Establishment Book, quarter ending 5 Jan 1805). Joseph Lindsay is not listed.
When Joseph died Feb 1805, his son William got his job in customs, Mar 1805.

Joseph obtained a lease under [Deed, 1804] from Sir Edward Leslie, 1st Baronet, for property on N side of Tarbert. This is the lease of the Church St properties.

Joseph dies, 1805:
He died 9 Feb 1805, age 46 yrs, leaving Catherine with small children.
Notes of Rev. Thomas Enraght Lindsay say he died suddenly of a stroke in Rathkeale, Co.Limerick, "at an officers mess, so it is said".
He was bur 13 Feb [Kilnaughtin par records] in Aghavallen church, near Ballylongford, Co.Kerry.
Notes of Rev. Thomas Enraght Lindsay seem to indicate a different burial register than the one online, one which describes him as Joseph Lindsay of Shanaway, Tarbert.
Rev. T.E. Lindsay says he died intestate (without a will), estate granted to widow 18 Apr 1805.
Rev. T.E. Lindsay seems to have found the admin of the estate at PRO, Dublin, probably burnt in 1922.

Catherine lived in The White House, Church St, Tarbert after Joseph's death, according to note in the Lindsay photo album.
[Deed, 1812] is a lease from Sir Edward Leslie, Baronet to Joseph's son William, of 3 houses in Tarbert that were built by his late father Joseph Lindsay. These may be the Church St properties.
Sir Edward Leslie, Baronet, died 1818, and his 1st cousin Robert Leslie inherited his Tarbert estate.
[Deed, 1820] renews the original lease of 1804 from Leslie to Lindsay. The Church St properties are definitely part of the lease of 1820.
"Widow Lindsay" is listed at Tarbert in [Kilnaughtin Tithe Book, 4 Aug 1832]. She has 8 perches (a tiny plot of land). Her son William has the main plot of land.

Catherine dies, 1832:
She died at her home, the White House, Church St, Tarbert, 23 Nov 1832, age 72 yrs,
bur 27 Nov [Kilnaughtin par records] in Aghavallen church,
(todo) see item in Dublin Weekly Register, 8 Dec 1832.
No admin found in [NAI].
See Unidentified Lindsay photos.
Joseph and Catherine had among other issue:

  1. William Lindsay,
    eldest son [Deed, 1820],
    bapt 19 Mar 1790, Tarbert [Kilnaughtin par records],
    [Deed, 1820] says he was age 12 "or thereabouts" at time of [Deed, 1804], i.e. born 1792,
    age given as 28 "or thereabouts" (born 1792) in [Deed, Apr 1820],
    age given as 74 (born 1788) at death in Apr 1862.

  2. Mathew Lindsay,
    [Deed, 1820] refers to the lost [Deed, 1804], which then said that Mathew was age 10 "or thereabouts", i.e. born 1794,
    [Smith deed, 1820] refers to a deed of 1 Oct 1807, which then said that Mathew was age 15 "or thereabouts", i.e. born 1792,
    [Deed, 1820] says he is still alive, and age 26 "or thereabouts", basing this on the age given in [Deed, 1804],
    [Ms 812] says he drowned with his brother John at sea in Quebec Harbour, Canada.
    A note dated 1864 on p.4 of a copy of [Deed, 1820] seems to say that Mathew "died about 40 years ago" (i.e. died c.1824).
    Letter of 1873 says he "died in the West Indies over 40 years ago" (pre-1833).

  3. George Lindsay,
    born 1794, twin,
    coast guard officer.

  4. Thomas Lindsay,
    Tom, born 1794, twin,
    Chief Constable of Belfast.

  5. Joseph Lindsay,
    bapt 7 Oct 1800 [Kilnaughtin par records].

  6. John Lindsay,
    bapt 31st July 1802 [Kilnaughtin par records, Tarbert, Co.Kerry], NOT bapt 16th July,
    strangely listed as "age about 7" in [Deed, 1812],
    went to Canada,
    [Ms 812] says he drowned with his brother Mathew at sea in Quebec Harbour, Canada.
    Note above suggests he died c.1824, age c.22 yrs.

    There is a John Lindsay, Hotel keeper, of Quebec, who died 8 Sept 1863, when he fell into the Saint Lawrence River, inquest 9 Sept [Coroners inquest, 1863]. However his age is given as 46 yrs (should be 61 yrs). Also our John was meant to have a brother Mathew drowned with him.

Joseph Lindsay clearly listed as "Steward" to Sir Edward Leslie in [Accounts of 1801].
See LHS and RHS.

Letter of 3 Apr 1801 from Sir Edward Leslie, Baronet to "Serjeant Lindsay", "Loyal Tarbert Regiment".
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[Rental, 1 May 1802] shows Joseph Lindsay now holding a lot of property in Tarbert.
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Letter of 27 July 1802 from Sir Edward Leslie, Baronet to Joseph Lindsay, "Barrack Master", Tarbert.
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Joseph Lindsay signs [Accounts of Oct 1802].
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Baptism of William Lindsay in 1790.
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