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Sir Nicholas Bacon.
Unknown artist, 1579.
From Wikipedia, which says public domain.
See other shot from St Edmundsbury Borough Council.
See other shot from Tudor Place.

Sir Nicholas Bacon,
born 1509.
Protestant. Prominent statesman under Elizabeth (as was his brother-in-law Cecil).
He mar 1stly to Jane Fernley and had issue:

  1. Edward Bacon,
    of Shrubland Hall, Suffolk.
    Ancestor of Nicholas Bacon of Shrubland Hall.

Sir Nicholas mar 2ndly to Anne Cooke [descendant of King John].
He built Old Gorhambury House, near St Albans, Hertfordshire.
He died 1579.
He had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Sir Francis Bacon,
    born 22 Jan 1561, at York House, Strand, London.
    One of the founders of science.

Anne Cooke.
Portrait attributed to George Gower, 1580.
From Tudor Place. Also here.

Francis Bacon tells a story about his father.
This story was published by Francis Bacon in A Collection of Apophthegms, New and Old, 1624.
The above is how it appears in a posthumous collection of his works, Resuscitatio, 1671 (Apophthegm 36, p.228).

Old Gorhambury House

Old Gorhambury House, near St Albans, Hertfordshire, is now a ruin.
There is a new 18th century Gorhambury House nearby.

Old Gorhambury House.
From Tudor Place.

Old Gorhambury House.
Public domain photo 2005 by Gary Houston. Formerly here.
See full size.

Old Gorhambury House, wider shot.
Public domain photo 2005 by Gary Houston. Formerly here.
See full size.

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