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Cussen of Glenquin Castle

Glenquin Castle on 1887 to 1913 map.

Funeral list of Margaret Nolan, 1903, shows many relationships in the Nolan and Donovan families.

Cussen of Ballyegny

John Cussen (below) married Kate Donovan, niece of Margaret Nolan (above).
John and Kate's sons, Robert Cussen, solicitor, and his brothers are described as "grand nephews" of Margaret Nolan (above) at her death in 1903, which they were through Nolan.
Whether the Cussens above and below are connected is not known.
"James Cussen" and "Robert Cussen" are listed at Ballyegny in [Tithe Survey, 1823-37].

"Robert Cussen, Ballyegny" and "James Cussen, Ballyegny" signed a 1799 petition in favour of the proposed Act of Union.
(Left) Petition in Finns Leinster Journal, 28 Sept to 2 Oct, 1799.
(Right) Petition in Belfast Newsletter, 1 Oct 1799.

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