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John Cussen

Kilcolman House, Kilcolman East, on 1887 to 1913 map.

John Cussen, born 1818 or 1819,
of Ballyegny, to NE side of Lisgordan, Co.Limerick (see map).
Wealthy farmer and butter dealer.
He mar 1850 [her age 16, him age 31 or 32] to Kate Donovan [Catherine, born 1834].
Children baptised at Kilcolman 1851 to 1861.
Listed as living "Ballyquirke" (perhaps just mis-reading) at son's bapt 1856.

He left Ballyegny and moved to Kilcolman East (not to be confused with Kilcolman near Ballyegny and Lisgordan, Kilcolman East is some distance away, some way due S of Rathkeale, see map).
Must have moved to Kilcolman East in 1862 when location of children's baptisms changes to Rathkeale.
Confusingly, when he was at Ballyegny his children were bapt at Kilcolman, and when he was at Kilcolman East his children were bapt at Rathkeale.
Children baptised at Rathkeale 1862 to 1877.
Lived at Kilcolman House, the main house in Kilcolman East.

Living "Kilcolman" at son's birth 1865.
Living "Kilcolman" at dau's bapt 1868.
Listed as farmer, of Kilcolman, in mar settlement of Michael Donovan 1870.
Listed as farmer, Kilcolman, at dau's mar 1871.
"John Cussen" is listed as farmer, Kilcolman middle, under Kilcolman in [Postal Directory of Munster, 1886].
Established an office in Cork.
They are listed at Kilcolman East in [Census, 1901], both described as farmers. He is listed as age 82 (born 1819). They have 5 servants / farm staff living with them.

John died Kilcolman East, 3 Jan 1902, age 83 or 84 yrs, listed as farmer.
See entry in [GROI], says age 84 (born 1818).
Funeral Sun 5 Jan 1902. See funeral report in Limerick Chronicle, Thur 9 Jan 1902.
Kate is listed at Kilcolman East in [Census, 1911]. She has 2 servants.
She died Kilcolman East, 5 July 1912, age 78 yrs.
See notice in Limerick Chronicle, 6 July 1912.
John and Kate had issue:

  1. Mary Cussen,
    "Minnie", would be after grandmother,
    born 1851 (mother age 17), Co.Limerick,
    bapt Maria, 20 Mar 1851 [Kilcolman RC par records], sp Joseph Donovan and Margaret Cussen,
    "Maria" on marriage cert,
    mar 1871 to her mother's 1st cousin John Francis Sheehy [born 1831, older than her mother] and had issue.

  2. Margaret Cussen,
    bapt 19 June 1852 [Kilcolman RC par records], sp Michael Donovan and Maria Donovan.

  3. Bridget Cussen,
    bapt 26 Oct 1853 [Kilcolman RC par records], sp Henry Sheehy and Maria McDonnell.

  4. Catherine Cussen,
    bapt 24 May 1855 [Kilcolman RC par records], sp Dermot Donovan and Catherine McDonnell.

  5. Michael Cussen,
    bapt 17 Sept 1856 [Kilcolman RC par records], sp Daniel Donovan and Jenna Sheehy,
    must have died young (there is another Michael).

  6. Joseph Cussen,
    bapt 16 Jan 1858 [Kilcolman RC par records], sp Dermot Donovan and Maria Donovan,
    "Joe" listed as mourner at father's death 1902,
    "Joseph Cussen, Ballyegna" (Ballyegny) is described as grand nephew of Margaret Nolan at her death 1903.

  7. Ellen Cussen,
    bapt 30 Apr 1859 [Kilcolman RC par records], sp John O'Donnell and Maria Sheehy.

  8. Hanora Cussen,
    bapt 19 Jan 1861 [Kilcolman RC par records], sp Jeremiah Sheehy and Maria Cussen.

  9. Daniel Cussen,
    would be after grandfather,
    bapt 11 Aug 1862 [Rathkeale RC church], sp Edward Costelloe and Mary Costelloe,
    perhaps died young, not listed at father's death 1902.

  10. Anne Cussen,
    bapt 8 Dec 1863 [Rathkeale RC church], sp James McDonnell and Jane Sheehy,
    must have died young (there is another Anne).

  11. Robert Cussen,
    Bob, born 5 Aug 1865, Kilcolman East, see birth in [GROI],
    bapt 8 Aug 1865 [Rathkeale RC church], sp Robert Cussen and Margaret Nolan,
    solicitor in Newcastle West, Co.Limerick.

  12. John Cussen,
    bapt 29 Jan 1867 [Rathkeale RC church], sp Thomas McDonnell and Mary Murray,
    perhaps died young, not listed at father's death 1902.

  13. Anne Cussen,
    Annie, Ann, born Co.Limerick,
    bapt 14 Nov 1868 [Rathkeale RC church], sp John Costelloe and Catherine Murray,
    mar James Fitzgibbon,
    he died pre-1901,
    she and her child Mary are living with her parents in 1901 census,
    she is living with her mother in 1911 census,
    had issue:

    1. Mary Fitzgibbon, born Co.Limerick,
      bapt 22 May 1892 [Rathkeale RC par records], sp John Cussen and Ann Fitzgibbon.

    Probably same as:

    Johanna Cussen,
    mar James Fitzgibbon,
    had issue:

    1. Patrick Fitzgibbon,
      bapt 6 Mar 1897 [Rathkeale RC par records], sp G. Moloney and Maria Fitzgerald.

  14. Jeremiah Cussen,
    bapt 11 Sept 1870 [Rathkeale RC church], sp Joseph Sheehy and --- O'Brien,
    perhaps died young, not listed at father's death 1902.

  15. Michael Cussen,
    born Co.Limerick, bapt 24 Feb 1872 [Rathkeale RC church], sp William Higgins and Bridget Cussen,
    at home in 1901 census, unmarried,
    "M. Cussen" is listed as cousin of Peter Donovan at his funeral 1901,
    listed as mourner at father's death 1902.

  16. James Cussen,
    born Co.Limerick, bapt 19 May 1873 [Rathkeale RC church], sp William Potter and Mary O'Donovan,
    at home in Kilcolman East in 1901 census, unmarried,
    registered father's death 1902, living Kilcolman East,
    listed as mourner at father's death 1902,
    "James Cussen, Kilcolman" is described as grand nephew of Margaret Nolan at her death 1903.

  17. Lillian Cussen,
    born 1877 (mother age 43), 26 years younger than her sister,
    bapt 27 Mar 1877 [Rathkeale RC church], sp James Fitzgibbon and Hana. Costelloe.

    1911 census says 17 children total (we have them all), 8 then living.

Kilcolman House in the distance.
View from NE crossroads.
From street view.

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