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Donovan of Lisgordan House, near Shanagolden, Co.Limerick

[Cussen, 1962] says the story was that the Donovans came to Co.Limerick from Co.Cork, and they first settled at Adare.
This family were called the Black Donovans. (There was another Donovan family in the Shanagolden area, called the Fair Donovans.)

Darby Donovan

Darby Donovan is possibly an ancestor of this family. Darby appears as a first name later in the family. Note that "Darby" is another form of "Jeremiah".

Donovan at Ballyhahill and Gourbane in 1770

[Map of Mount Trenchard estate, 1770] shows the following Donovan at Ballyhahill and Gourbane.
These must be relations of Darby Donovan.

Mary Sheahan family

Darby Donovan is buried with Sheahan, who would be relations of his wife Mary Sheahan:

Death of Darby Donovan mentioned in Dublin Evening Post, 18 June 1785.

Grave of Darby Donovan (born 1682, died 1785), Knockpatrick, near Shanagolden, Co.Limerick.
It is the low grave on the left, green from rubbing with grass.
Shannon Estuary in distance.
Photo 2013. See full size.
See photo showing position relative to gate.

Grave of Darby Donovan, Knockpatrick.
Photo 2013. See full size.

Joseph Donovan

Joseph Donovan, son of Darby Donovan above, may be identical with our Joseph Donovan:

"Joseph Donovan, Liscordane" signs a statement in favour of the proposed Act of Union.
Part of the petition as it appeared in Finns Leinster Journal, 28 Sept to 2 Oct, 1799.
Right: Close-up.
See full size.

Part of the petition as it appeared in Belfast Newsletter, 1 Oct 1799.
See also [Curtin, 2001] for transcription of the petition as it appeared in Limerick Chronicle, 25 Sept 1799.

Daniel Donovan

Daniel Donovan below [born 1799] married Mary Nolan [born 1806], the daughter of James Nolan and Catherine Donovan [born 1776] above.

Daniel Donovan was said to be brother of Catherine Donovan. But this is impossible. He would be marrying his niece. Also the dates do not fit.

He is some relation of Catherine Donovan though.
[Bertie Cussen] said "it is thought old Joe was an uncle of old Dan". The dates would fit. It would make old Dan a 1st cousin of Catherine Donovan, and it would make Daniel Donovan a 2nd cousin of his wife Mary Nolan.

"Daniel Donovan" is listed at Ballyvoghan in [Tithe Survey, 1833].
He is holding 117 acres of titheable land and 2 acres of untitheable land.
This could be John Donovan's father or brother. (Probably too early to be a son.)

The "old house" at Lisgordan, near Shanagolden, Co.Limerick.

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