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Daniel Donovan

Daniel Donovan.
Portrait 1856 by the Italian painter George Morosini (portrait artist in Dublin, died 1882).
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This is photo of portrait. See also photo of photo (and original).

Daniel Donovan,
Dan, born 1799.
See entry in tree by Paddy Waldron.
Known as "The Guv". Wealthy farmer and butter dealer.
He developed a business collecting butter from Co.Limerick farms and transporting it by road to Cork city for sale and export.

He mar 7 Feb 1831 [Shanagolden RC par records] to Mary Nolan [born 1806].
Marriage wit by Michael McMahon and Rev. Daniel McCoy.
[Cussen, 1962] says he was "a big tall man, well over 6 ft" and she was "a small little woman, at the most 4 ft high". Daniel's father Old Dan Donovan was shocked when he saw how small she was. "She's small", he said to her father James Nolan (who died 1833). Nolan replied: "She is, but I'll put the money on her head and that will make her big enough."
[Cussen, 1962] says Nolan gave her "a fortune of £3000 or £4000" but it is hard to believe it could have been that much.

They lived Lisgordan, near Shanagolden, Co.Limerick.
She was so small, she used a set of steps to climb up into the bed.
"Daniel Donovan" is listed at Lisgordan in [Tithe Survey, 1833]. He is holding 31 acres of titheable land and 1 acre of untitheable land.
He was a Poor Law Guardian for the Union of Newcastle West (Union formed 1838).
Listed at Lisgordan at son's bapt 1844.
In 1845 he leased Grouse Lodge, Co.Limerick, containing 28 acres, and 10 acres of bog.
He is listed in [Griffiths Valuation] as leasing 62 acres at Lisgordan from the Earl of Clare. He also held 4 acres in Ballyegny Beg (just E of Lisgordan, see map) and rented out several houses.
By lease dated 5 July 1856 he leased 40 acres at Knockbweeheen ("Knockboyheen"), Kilcolman par, from 3rd Earl of Clare.
By lease dated 7 July 1856 he leased 40 acres at Lisgordan and Ballyegny from 3rd Earl of Clare.
In 1858 he became owner of Grouse Lodge.
In 1858 he purchased 88 acre farm at Ballymaceery from the Earl of Cork.

His will dated 1 Mar 1873.
He died 15 Feb 1876, Lisgordan, age 77 yrs. See death in [GROI]. Listed as "farmer".
See admin of will, proved 17 Mar 1876, in [NAI]. From here.
Mary died 20 Apr 1882, age 76 yrs [mass card].
Daniel and Mary had issue:

  1. Joe Donovan, Joseph, born 1833 or 1834,
    of Grouse Lodge, Co.Limerick.

  2. Kate Donovan,
    Catherine, born 1834, Co.Limerick,
    mar 1850 [her age 16] to John Cussen and had issue.

  3. Michael Donovan, born 1836,
    bapt 13 Oct 1836 [Kilcolman and Coolcappa RC par records], sp John Kiely and Anna McCoy,
    of Lisgordan, Co.Limerick.

  4. Mary Donovan, born 1841,
    bapt "Mariam", 27 Mar 1841 [Kilcolman and Coolcappa RC par records], sp Matthew Murray and Catherine O'Donovan,
    mar Michael Potter [of Listowel, Co.Kerry],
    [Cussen, 1962] lists him as William Potter.

  5. Darby Donovan,
    Jeremiah, born 1844,
    bapt Jeremiah, 4 Apr 1844 [Kilcolman and Coolcappa RC par records], sp Philip O'Hanlon and Margaret Nolan.
    "Darby O'Donovan" on grave (but this reflects later usage of "O'Donovan" by the family, rather than contemporary usage, which is "Donovan").
    He was "a delicate child".
    He studied for the priesthood.
    Listed as "farmer", unmarried, at death.
    He died of "spinal disease" at Lisgordan, 20 Mar 1868 [death cert], [grave],[death notice], age 23 or 24 yrs. NOT 1866.
    See entry in [GROI].
    See death notice in Limerick Chronicle, 21 Mar 1868.
    He was bur Kilbradran graveyard.

Mary Nolan.
Portrait 1856 by George Morosini.
See full size (and original).
This is photo of portrait. See also photo of photo (and original).

Daniel Donovan listed at Lisgordan in [Tithe Survey, 1833].

Darby Donovan, 1856 (age 12).
Portrait by George Morosini.
See full size (and original).
This is photo of portrait. See also photo of photo (and original).

Grave of Darby Donovan, Kilbradran.
Photo 2013. See full size and grave stones on ground.

Unidentified portrait.
This was meant to be the mother of an O'Donovan who was Chief of Police in Durban, South Africa.
But written on it is "Mrs. C. Patlansny; nee B.V.M.; 3. 1910" (apparently March 1910).
See full size (and original).

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