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Eileen Ebrill.
She must have done some sort of cookery/catering course. A handwritten book of her recipes exists.
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Courtesy of John de Courcy.

Thomas McKern,
mar Bridget Ranalow,
had issue:

  1. Tom McKern,
    Thomas Henry McKern,
    Church of Ireland,
    his surname also spelt MacKern or M'Kern,
    born 4 Feb 1864, Limerick [LDS IGI],
    see him listed in Limerick in 1901 census, he is "stockbroker", think written in error by his lodgings as "Thomas Francis",
    mar late 1901, London, to Eileen Ebrill [bapt 1 May 1874],
    (todo) see mar of Eileen Ebrill and Thomas Henry MacKern, [GRO.UK], 4th qr 1901, Poplar, vol 1c p 1141,
    they went to Argentina,
    she was alive in late 1950s,
    had issue:

    1. Hugh McKern,
      didn't marry, lived Argentina.

Eileen Ebrill and her son Hugh McKern, when they visited Ireland in late 1950s.
See larger and full size.
Courtesy of John de Courcy.

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