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Sir Edward Fitton, the younger

Tomb of Edward Fitton the younger, Gawsworth church.
Shows his wife Alice Holcroft and their 4 children: Edward, 1st Baronet, Richard, Anne and Mary.
In background to RHS is tomb of Edward, 1st Baronet.
Photo 2018. See full size.
See close-up of Alice Holcroft.
This monument originally stood away from the wall, with the 4 children at each corner.

Sir Edward Fitton, the younger (see here), born c.1548,
of Gawsworth Hall, Cheshire.
He was educ Brasenose College, Oxford. BA 1566.
He mar Alice Holcroft.
Receiver General for Ireland in 1579.
[Complete Baronetage] says he was President of Munster.
He took part in the Munster Plantation. In 1587 he received 11,515 acres in counties Limerick, Tipperary and Waterford.
He died in London, 4 March 1606 [at the time regarded as end of 1605], age c.58 yrs.
He was buried on 3 April 1606 at Gawsworth. Monument to his memory in Gawsworth church. See grave.
Alice died 5 February 1626.
Sir Edward and Alice had issue:

  1. Sir Edward Fitton, 1st Baronet,
    born 3 Dec 1572,
    of Gawsworth Hall.

  2. Mary Fitton, bapt 24 June 1578.
    Maid of honour to Queen Elizabeth.
    She pursued the young and unmarried William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke and they were lovers in 1600-01.
    He got her pregnant, but he refused to marry her. She gave birth in March 1601 but the baby died.
    She has been suggested as the model for the "Dark Lady" of Shakespeare's sonnets. Though apparently this was not suggested before 1890.

Wider shot showing location of tomb of Edward Fitton the younger, Gawsworth church.
Behind it to RHS is tomb of Edward, 1st Baronet.
Photo 2018. See full size.
See 2011 shot. From here. Used with permission.

Side view.
Photo 2018. See full size.
See postcard. From here.

Mary Fitton, c.1595.
From here.

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