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Sir John Fitzgerald

Sir John Fitzgerald (see here).
He mar More O'Brien [dau of Donogh O'Brien].
His brother the 11th Earl of Desmond died at an advanced age in 1534.
From 1534 to his death in 1536 he claimed the Earldom of Desmond.
He disputed the claim by his brother's grandson James Fitzgerald, de jure 12th Earl of Desmond (died 1540).
He is sometimes numbered as 12th Earl of Desmond. But I follow the numbering in [Complete Peerage].
Sir John died 1536, at a great age, in the Abbey of Tralee.
He had issue:

  1. James Fitzgerald, 13th Earl of Desmond.
    He is also numbered the 14th Earl (if his father is included in the list of Earls). But I follow the numbering in [Complete Peerage].
    He died 1558.
    He had issue:

    1. Gerald Fitzgerald, 14th Earl of Desmond, born c.1533.
      He is also numbered the 15th Earl. But I follow the numbering in [Complete Peerage].
      The rebel Earl.
      Leader in the Desmond Rebellions 1569-1573 and 1579-1583.
      The rebellions were started in 1569 by his cousin James FitzMaurice Fitzgerald, claiming to act on behalf of the Earl.
      See letter from the Earl to Elizabeth I in 1571. And other shot.
      He burnt his stronghold of Tralee in 1580 to prevent its capture by the advancing English.
      The Crown abolished the Earldom in 1582.
      He was killed 1583, age c.50 yrs.
      The rebels surrendered 1583.
      The vast estates of the Earls of Desmond were forfeit to the crown.
      He had issue by 2nd wife:

      1. James Fitzgerald, 1st Earl of Desmond (of a new creation).
        Held in the Tower of London 1584 to 1600.
        In 1600, in a plan to reduce support for rebellion in Munster, the title of Earl of Desmond was recreated for James (without restoring lands) and he was sent to Ireland.
        It was a failure. He returned to London in 1601.
        He died 1601. Title extinct.

  2. Sir Maurice Fitzgerald,
    of Carrigaline, Co.Cork.

The Munster Plantation

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