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Rowland FitzEustace, Baron Portlester

Effigies of Baron Portlester and his 3rd wife Margaret Dartas at St.Audoen's Church, Dublin.
She is buried there. He is not.
Photo 2012. See full size.

Rowland FitzEustace, Baron Portlester (see here), born c.1430,
1st (and only) Baron Portlester,
of Castlemartin, on W side of Kilcullen, Co.Kildare.
Lord of Kilcullen.
He lived at Harristown, some distance E of Kilcullen.
[Finerty, 1898] says there was a tradition that he fought in France under John, Duke of Bedford, but that seems impossible since the latter died 1435.

He mar 1stly to Elizabeth Brune [dau of John Brune], according to [Complete Peerage],
however [DIB] says 1st wife was Joan Tapton [dau of John Tapton].
Lord Treasurer of Ireland 1454 to 1492.

He mar 2ndly, 1458, to Joanna Bellew.
Knighted in 1459 or 1460.
He was cr Baron Portlester by Edward IV on 5 Mar 1462 [using [NJ] date format, note that at the time this was regarded as the end of 1461].
He was titled in part "for his good service to the King's father in his last journey in Ireland". (The King's father was Richard of York, 3rd Duke of York, Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, killed 1460.)
Lord Deputy of Ireland 1462-63.
Joanna fl 1463.
Lord Chancellor of Ireland 1472-80.
He had issue by 1st or 2nd wife [Complete Peerage], NOT by 3rd wife, which makes sense by the dates:

  1. Alison FitzEustace.
    Step-sister of Eleanor Dowdall.
    She mar Garret Mor Fitzgerald, 8th Earl of Kildare [born 1456] and had issue.
    They mar c.1471 [DIB].

He mar 3rdly, in or before 1476, to Margaret Dartas.
In 1482 [McMahon, 2006] (NOT 1455) he built the "Portlester Chapel" of St.Audoen's Church, Dublin.
A small item, "Death of Captain Eustace", Irish Times, February 18, 1875, says that Baron Portlester erected the chapel at St.Audoen's "in gratitude for his preservation from shipwreck near the site".
[McMahon, 2006] says that around the same time (1482) he was granted a house in St.Audoen's parish by St.Anne's Guild (based at St.Audoen's). This house was W of St.Audoen's, on the E side of the now-vanished Keyser's Lane. (This area is now the park W of St.Audoen's, on the E side of the widened Bridge St.)
In 1486 he and his wife Margaret founded the Franciscan "New Abbey", Kilcullen, on the SE side of Kilcullen.
Lord Chancellor of Ireland 1487-92.
Around 1490 he built St. Mary's Church, Castlemartin, Co.Kildare, on site of earlier church.
Margaret died pre-1496.
She was bur in the Portlester Chapel at St.Audoen's Church, Dublin [Tickell, 1955].
He died 19 Dec 1496, age c.66 yrs.
He was bur in New Abbey, Kilcullen, Co.Kildare, with his dau Alison (who died 1495).
Title extinct.

Effigies of Baron Portlester and his 3rd wife Margaret Dartas at New Abbey, Kilcullen, Co.Kildare.
He is buried there. She is not.
Photo 2015. See full size.


Memorial cross, Coughlanstown, Co.Kildare

There is a memorial cross to Baron Portlester (and possibly his first two wives) at the chapel of St. James, Coughlanstown (to the E of Harristown), Co.Kildare.
The inscription says "Eustace Lord Portlester 1462" (i.e. date of creation). The inscription was probably added in the 17th century.

Chapel of St. James, Coughlanstown (to the E of Harristown), Co.Kildare, on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern satellite view and street view.

Shaft of memorial cross to Baron Portlester.
Ruined chapel of St. James, Coughlanstown, Co.Kildare.
Photo 2010. See larger and full size.
From Antonio D'Imperio at Used with permission.

Writing looks 17th century.
See larger and full size.
From Eustace Families Association. Used with permission.

Wider shot.
Photo 2010.
From Antonio D'Imperio at Used with permission.

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