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Tralee Castle, Tralee, Co.Kerry


Tralee Castle on p.162 of [Smith, 1756].

Tralee Castle was the castle of Tralee town, Co.Kerry.
It stood at what is now the junction of Denny St and The Mall / Lower Castle St, apparently on the W side.

It was originally built by John Fitzgerald, 1st Baron Desmond, who founded Tralee town, c.1216.
Seat of Earls of Desmond.
Tralee Castle was destroyed, along with Tralee town, in 1580 in the Earl of Desmond's rebellion.

Tralee Castle and town were granted in 1586 to Sir Edward Denny.
Tralee was burnt again in an insurrection in 1598.
Tralee Castle was restored by Sir Edward Denny, Knt. in 1627.
The Castle was besieged in the Catholic Rebellion 1641 and it was burnt by the rebels in 1642.
It was restored by Sir Arthur Denny, Knt. in 1653.
The castle and town were again destroyed in 1691 in the Williamite-Jacobite War.
It was restored by Col. Edward Denny after 1691.
Seat of Denny Baronets (cr 1782).

From entry of 23 Aug 1788 in [Rev. Daniel A. Beaufort's Tour of Kerry, 1788], on arrival in Tralee: "The entrance is very dirty, the town very rambling in its plan. Some good houses on the Mall, a broad street by Sir Barry Denny's frightful old Castle. A Square very small & irregular. The Church is large & decent but never painted. A large new Jail is building. Many houses building so that half the streets are in rubbish."
From entry of 25 Aug 1788: "We walked into Sir Barry Denny's house which is much better than it appears outside. The grounds behind are well wooded & have a pretty walk round them."

Tralee Castle was demolished 1826 by Sir Edward Denny, 3rd Baronet.
Nothing remains.


Map of Tralee in [Smith, 1756].
Dedicated to Sir Thomas Denny, Knt., of Tralee Castle.
Tralee Castle is "B" on the map.
Suggests there was a courtyard on Castle St and the Tralee Castle building was S a bit off Castle St.
See full size.

Site of Tralee Castle on 1887 to 1913 map.
Denny Street has been built on the site. The castle grounds are now Tralee town park.

Tralee Castle.
Painted by "Sarah Harnett" in 1824 (just before demolition).
Image from Gerald O'Carroll.
Think this is from the S side (the open, green side). The N side faces onto the street, built-up area.
Higher quality version printed in "The Old Kerry Journal", Volume 5, Winter 2018.

Tralee Castle.
Very similar to the Harnett picture above, though with minor differences. Probably just a copy made by someone of the Harnett picture. Or else an original, but made around the same time.
See larger and full size.
See other scan.
From [McMorran and O'Keeffe, 2005]. Picture credit Russell McMorran.
Used with the kind permission of Russell McMorran and Maurice O'Keeffe.

Fitzgerald wild boar, on a tile surviving from the lost Tralee Castle.
Tile in possession of Denny Baronets.
Image from Gerald O'Carroll.


The old grotto


There is an old grotto to the SW end of the old castle grounds.
Above is from 1887 to 1913 map.
[O'Hea O'Keeffe, 2013] says the grotto is "a fragment of Denny life from around 1800".
This grotto survives today, in SW corner of Tralee town park.

The grotto, in SW corner of Tralee town park.
Photo 2000. See larger and full size.

Wider shot of the grotto.
Photo 2000. See larger and full size.
See steps nearby.
See street view.

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