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John Fitzedmund Fitzgerald, Seneschal of Imokilly

John Fitzedmund Fitzgerald (see here),
of the Castle of Imokilly, at Castlemartyr, Co.Cork.
Not to be confused with his cousin John Fitzedmund Fitzgerald, Dean of Cloyne.
He was the last Seneschal of Imokilly.

He was a leading rebel in the Desmond Rebellions.
In 1569 he joined James FitzMaurice Fitzgerald in the first Desmond Rebellion.
The Lord Deputy Sir Henry Sidney sacked Castlemartyr and installed an English garrison there.
John and James FitzMaurice surrendered in Feb 1573.
He regained Castlemartyr in Nov 1573.
He went with James FitzMaurice to France in 1575. John soon returned home. But James FitzMaurice gathered an invasion force on the continent for a new rebellion.
James FitzMaurice returned to Ireland in June 1579, starting the Second Desmond Rebellion. John joined him again in rebellion.
John ambushed Sir Walter Raleigh at Ballinacurra, Co.Cork. But Raleigh escaped.
He became leader of the rebellion after James FitzMaurice's death in battle in Aug 1579.
He finally surrendered 1583.
He was eventually pardoned and returned to Castlemartyr.

He mar Honora FitzMaurice Fitzgerald [dau of his leader James FitzMaurice Fitzgerald].
[Hayter-Hames, 2016] implies he married her after the war and after James FitzMaurice's death.
In 1587 he was suspected of plotting rebellion again and was arrested.
He died a prisoner in Dublin Castle in Feb 1589.
Honora re-married, and by her 2nd marriage was ancestor of Elizabeth II.
(If the rebel John had not died a prisoner, Elizabeth II could not exist.)

The old castle at Castlemartyr, beside Castlemartyr House.
See full size.
From Castlemartyr Resort.

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