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Richard Fitzgerald, Seneschal of Imokilly

Richard Fitzgerald, Seneschal of Imokilly.
In 1420 the 6th Earl of Desmond was appointed Seneschal of Imokilly (sheriff of Imokilly). He sent Richard Fitzgerald to take up the position.
Imokilly is a barony in Co.Cork, whose chief town is Youghal.
Richard probably arrived in Imokilly in 1422.
Around 1440 he built Castle Richard, some distance W of Youghal, Co.Cork.
He was living in 1442.
Richard had issue:

  1. Maurice Fitzgerald, Seneschal of Imokilly.
    Built the Castle of Imokilly (later called Castlemartyr), Co.Cork.
    He had issue.

    Male-line ancestor of:

    1. Edmund Fitzgerald,
      Seneschal of Imokilly,
      had issue:

      1. John Fitzedmund Fitzgerald,
        the last Seneschal of Imokilly,
        of the Castle of Imokilly, at Castlemartyr, Co.Cork.
        He was a leading rebel in the Desmond Rebellions, 1569 to 1583.

Richard had illegitimate issue:

  1. William Fitzgerald.
    Ancestor of Fitzgerald of Cloyne, Co.Cork.

Castle Richard, Co.Cork

Castle Richard (or Inchicrenagh Castle, and some spelling variants), Castlerichard townland, Ightermurragh par, Co.Cork.
E of what is now Castlemartyr. Some distance W of Youghal.
Built by Richard Fitzgerald, Seneschal of Imokilly around 1440.
The castle has a date of 1592 on it, but the building is believed to be early 1400s.
See Castle Richard in Landed Estates database.

Castle Richard, Co.Cork.
From 1829 to 1842 map.
See modern satellite view.

Castle Richard, Co.Cork.
Photo 2009. See original. From Geograph.
See other 2009 shot. From Geograph.


Castlemartyr Castle, Co.Cork

The Castle of Imokilly (or Castlemartyr Castle), Castlemartyr, Co.Cork.
Built by Maurice Fitzgerald, Seneschal of Imokilly, would be in mid-1400s.
Seat of the rebel John Fitzedmund Fitzgerald, Seneschal of Imokilly (died 1589).
A new Castlemartyr House was later built beside the old castle.
Castlemartyr House is now Castlemartyr Resort.
Castlemartyr Castle survives in the grounds.
See Wikimedia Commons.

The old castle at Castlemartyr, beside Castlemartyr House.
From 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern satellite view.

The old castle at Castlemartyr, beside Castlemartyr House.
See full size.
See lower shot.
From Castlemartyr Resort.

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