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Standish Grady, of Cappercullen, Co.Limerick

Grady at Cappercullen on p.210 of [Taylor and Skinner, 1777].

Standish Grady, of Cappercullen, Co.Limerick,
born must be 1717,
of Elton, Co.Limerick.
Described as of Elton and Gormanstown, Co.Limerick. Gormanstown, Athneasy par, is just W of Elton (see old map).

He mar 17 Aug 1737, by licence, to Mary Hungerford [born c.1717, dau of Richard Hungerford and Rachel Knowles].
See HUNGERFORD in [Burkes Irish, 1976, p.608].
Marriage settlement in [Deed, 1737].

He inherited Elton, but his son Standish settled there.
He settled at Cappercullen House, Co.Limerick.
[Deed, 1759] is a lease of Cappercullen by Grady from Evans, Baron Carbery.
[Grady family tree] says he went to live at Cappercullen after his son Standish married, though this was not until 1767.
[Deed, 1764] is a deed between Thomas Maunsell and Standish Grady junior, confirming the lease of lands near Cappercullen made by the Hon Francis Burton to Standish Grady senior in [Deed, 1734].
[Religious Census 1766] shows "Standish Grady" listed under the Protestants in Abington parish. See image. From NAI IHP/1/681. Shows 8 Protestants (written strangely, but other pages show this is "8") and 7 Catholics in his family/household. The Catholics are probably servants.
In [Deed, 1774] Thomas Maunsell again confirms the 1734 lease.
"Standish Grady the elder of Cappercullen" was party to [Deed, 1789].

He died Limerick, Apr 1793, age must be 76 yrs.
See notice in Finn's Leinster Journal, April 24, 1793.
Mary died at Cappercullen 1807, age c.90 yrs.
Think [Deed, 1808] is when Grady finally left Cappercullen.
Standish and Mary had issue:

  1. Rachel Grady,
    eldest dau,
    mar 1762 to Edward Fitzgerald of Carrigoran [MP for Co.Clare] and had issue.
    Marriage settlement in [Deed, 1762].

  2. Anne Grady,
    mar 1761 to Anthony Parker and had issue.

  3. Standish Grady,
    [Deed, 1759] says he is eldest son,
    of Elton and Gormanstown, Co.Limerick.
    He mar 1stly to Jane Oliver, no issue.
    Marriage settlement dated 16 and 17 Nov 1767 (according to marriage settlement for his 2nd mar).
    Jane died 1787 at Elton.
    He mar 2ndly to Mabella Ryves.
    Marriage settlement in [Deed, 1789]. Witnessed by David Humphrys and Pryce Peacock. Lands of Cappanuke, Rusheen and part of Rath, and lands of Elton and Brittas.
    His will dated 1809. Copy in [Grady papers, Glenstal].
    He died 1812.
    He had among other issue by 2nd wife:

    1. Mary Jane Grady.
      She mar, settlement 1806 [Deed, 1806] to her 1st cousin Rev. Standish Grady and had issue.

  4. Richard Hungerford Grady,
    [Deed, 1759] says he is 2nd son,
    died young [Grady family tree].
    Thomas is described as 2nd son in [Deed, 1789] but this would mean 2nd living son.

  5. Mary Teresa Grady, born 1755.
    She mar 20 Aug 1772 to Henry Thomas Fox Strangways, 2nd Earl of Ilchester [born 9 Aug 1747, him age 25, her age 17].
    He was "Lord Stavordale" at marriage, son and heir of the 1st Earl of Ilchester.
    For story of their romantic courtship see [Le Fanu, 1893].
    She wrote to Lord Stavordale from "Cappercullin" on 19 May 1772 (before their marriage), signed "M.T. Grady".

    He succ as 2nd Earl 1776.
    Seat at Melbury House, Dorset.
    Mary Teresa died 14 June 1790, age 35 yrs, NOT July.
    2nd Earl mar 2ndly, 1794, to Juliana Digby and had issue.
    He died 5th Sept 1802, age 55 yrs.
    Mary Teresa and 2nd Earl had among other issue:

    1. Elizabeth Fox Strangways,
      mar William Davenport-Talbot [of Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire],
      had issue:

      1. William Henry Fox Talbot, the pioneer photographer,
        born 1800, Lacock Abbey,
        his book, The Pencil of Nature, 1844-46, is the first book to be illustrated entirely with photographs.

    2. Louisa Fox Strangways,
      mar 1808 to Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 3rd Marquess of Lansdowne and had issue.

  6. Rev. Thomas Grady,
    born 1759.
    He mar, Adare, Co.Limerick, Apr 1779, to Catherine Quin.
    Marriage settlement [Deed, 1779] references lands of "Garranebane, Scartvaryouge" and other lands.
    He was educ (after marriage) at Hertford College, Oxford, and at St Alban Hall, Oxford.
    In [Deed, 1802] Rev. Thomas Grady and his wife and children grant unto Price Peacock lands of "Garranbane, Scartovyvoge" and other lands.
    In [Deed, 1808] he seems to transfer Cappercullen and other lands to his brother Standish and to his cousin Henry Deane Grady to pay off debts.
    He died 1826, age 67 yrs.
    Rev. Thomas and Catherine had among other issue:

    1. Rev. Standish Grady.
      He mar, settlement 1806 [Deed, 1806] to his 1st cousin Mary Jane Grady and had issue.
      [Deed, 1828] is a transfer from Rev. Standish Grady and his wife to Matthew Barrington of lands of Cappanuke, Rusheen and part of Rath, referred to in [Deed, 1789].
      He died 1828 or 1829.
      In 1829, Barrington's account book starts dealing with "Mrs. Grady" [Glenstal Abbey papers].
      She is described as "Mary Jane Grady, widow, of Elton" in [Deed, 1831].

  7. Catherine Grady,
    mar 1stly, 1784, to Rev.John Quin, no issue,
    Rev. John died 1789,
    mar 2ndly, c.1790, to George Gumbleton,
    George died c.1796,
    mar 3rdly, post-1797, to Walter Giles.

  8. Margaret Grady,
    mar 1788 to Henry Harrison and had issue.

Grady listed at Cappercullen in [The Post-chaise Companion, 1786, p.202].

The marriage of Mary Teresa Grady and Lord Stavordale, 20 Aug 1772.
From p.158 of The Annual Register, 1772.

Mary Teresa Grady, Countess of Ilchester, and children.
1868 engraving.
From a 1779 portrait by Sir Joshua Reynolds.
Engraving from NPG. Creative Commons.


Story about Humphrys of Glenstal, Co.Limerick

There is a story in the family of Humphrys of Glenstal, Co.Limerick, that they descend from a marriage between a Humphrys son and a daughter of Grady of Cappercullen.

No evidence for this has been found, and it seems unlikely.


Sources yet to be consulted


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