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Standish Grady, of Elton, Co.Limerick

Standish Grady, of Elton, Co.Limerick,
born est c.1640.
He got a lease of Elton, Co.Limerick, 19 Apr 1672 (19 April, 24th Charles II).
[Deed, 1737] says the 1672 lease was of Elton and Brittas, Co.Limerick.
This must be Brittas, Caherconlish par.
Elton House was in Elton townland, Knockainy par, EC Co.Limerick (see map).
He had issue:

Darby Grady,
of Elton, Co.Limerick,
born est c.1665,
had issue:

  1. Standish Grady,
    of Elton, Co.Limerick,
    born est c.1690.
    He mar 1stly, 1714, to Ann Bettesworth [of Co.Cork, NOT Elizabeth].
    Marriage covenant dated 28 and 29 Sept 1714. Referred to by [Deed, 1737]. Says the Grady family then held Elton and Brittas, Co.Limerick.
    She died May 1717, prob. in childbirth.
    He mar 2ndly to Teresa Allen.
    He obtained lands beside Cappercullen, but not yet at Cappercullen:
    In [Deed, 1734] the Hon Francis Burton granted unto Standish Grady the lands of "Garranebane, Scartvavaryeoge and Loghaubeagh", Barony of Owneybeg, for 3 lives.
    He is party to [Deed, 1737]. Says he holds Elton and Brittas, Co.Limerick.
    Standish had issue by 1st wife:

    1. Standish Grady, of Cappercullen, Co.Limerick,
      only child, born must be 1717,
      mother died 1717,
      listed as "under the age of 21 years" in [Deed, 1737],
      age given at death suggests born 1717,
      inherited Elton,
      but set up a new seat at Cappercullen.

Grady shown at Elton on p.195 of [Taylor and Skinner, 1777].

Elton House on 1829 to 1842 map.

Grady of Lodge, Co.Limerick

Somehow descended from Grady of Elton is Grady of Lodge.
Their cousins Grady of Elton and Cappercullen were friendly with them.

Standish Grady,
of Lodge, Co.Limerick (would be Lodge, Hospital par, not far from Elton),
mar Frances Deane,
had issue:

  1. Henry Deane Grady,
    born 1765,
    of Lodge, Co.Limerick,
    and of Mount Eagle, Stillorgan, Co.Dublin (later called Stillorgan Castle),
    MP for Limerick City 1798-1801,
    MP for Limerick City 1801-02,
    he is party to [Deed, 1808],
    see historyofparliamentonline,
    had issue:

    1. Frances Grady,
      eldest dau,
      Frances Deane Grady,
      mar 1821 to Arthur Blennerhassett, of Ballyseedy [born 1799] and had issue.


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