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Our common ancestors - Fitzgerald - Contents


William Fitzgerald

William Fitzgerald,
of Castle Richard, Co.Cork,
or of Cloyne, Co.Cork,
had issue:

  1. James Fitzgerald,
    became Dean of Cloyne in 1535,
    had issue:

    1. Edmund Fitzjames Fitzgerald.
      Dean of Cloyne in 1555.
      This family was of Cloyne and had extensive lands in the area. They treated the Dean of Cloyne as a hereditary job. Family members were buried in Cloyne Cathedral.
      Elizabeth came to the throne 1558.
      Edmund conformed to the Protestant church.
      He died 1560.
      He had illegitimate issue [Hayter-Hames, 2016] by his mistress Honor Ní Donogh:

      1. Sir John Fitzedmund Fitzgerald,
        born 1527,
        Dean of Cloyne,
        Not to be confused with his cousin John Fitzedmund Fitzgerald, Seneschal of Imokilly.

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