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William Stubbs

William Stubbs,
born Protestant, 1831 or 1838 or 1839.
He was a farmer. Lived Newtown House, Tallaght, Co.Dublin, his whole life.
He is listed at Newtown House, Tallaght, in [Thom's] 1861 to 1912.
He is listed as Protestant at 1st mar.

He mar 1stly, 24 March 1862 [Chapelizod CoI par records] to Georgina Underwood [Protestant, born 1841].
She was dau of George Underwood, shoe maker, of Gallanstown, Chapelizod, Co.Dublin.

Georgina dies, 1864:
She died at Newtown, 13 Oct 1864, age 23 yrs, of hepatitis.
See death cert from [GROI].
William Stubbs, Tallaght, is listed in [Voters of Co.Dublin 1865, p.77]. He voted Conservative.

He mar 2ndly, 6 Aug 1866, to Agnes Flanagan [Catholic, bapt 24th Jan 1830].
Protestant-Catholic marriage. He converted to Catholicism when marrying her.
He is listed as Catholic later in census, but other Stubbs remained Protestant.
There are two marriage certs, both on same day.
See mar cert at registry office. From here. See other picture.
See mar cert at Rathfarnham RC church. From here. See other picture.

He is William Stubbs who sp the bapt of his nephew Charles J. Doyle 1867 (William must be converted to Catholicism by now).
She is "Agnes Stubbs" who sp the bapt of her nephew Michael Flanagan in 1872.
Her father William Flanagan died at their house 1874.

Agnes dies, 1896:
She died Thur 22 Oct 1896, at her residence, Newtown House, Tallaght, age 66 yrs.
See death notice in Freemans Journal, Fri 23 Oct 1896.
See death cert from here.
Funeral Sun 25 Oct, bur Tallaght Churchyard.

William is listed in 1901 census as "farmer", widower, at Tallaght.
The house has 5 rooms, 5 windows in front of house, 9 out-buildings (consisting of 1 stable, 1 coach house, 1 cow house, 1 calf house, 1 fowl house, 1 barn, 1 potato house, 1 workshop and 1 shed).
He is listed in 1911 census as "farmer", widower, at Tallaght.
The house has 6 rooms, 5 windows in front of house, 9 out-buildings (consisting of 1 stable, 1 coach house, 1 cow house, 1 calf house, 1 dairy, 1 piggery, 2 fowl houses and 1 barn).

William dies, 1912:
He is listed as farmer, "married" at death. Must be error. He is "widower" in 1911.
He died 10 Jan 1912, Newtown House, Tallaght [GROI], age 73 or 74 or 81 yrs.
See death notice in Freemans Journal, January 11, 1912.
William and Agnes had issue (census 1911 says only 1 child born):

  1. Robert Stubbs,
    Robert John Stubbs, born Newtown, 18 Sept 1867,
    see birth cert from [GROI],
    Catholic, would be named after grandfather Robert Stubbs.
    "R. Stubbs" listed as nephew of John Flanagan at his death 1894.
    Living with father in 1901 census, listed as "farmer's son", single.
    Living with father in 1911 census, listed as "farmer", single.
    Robert Stubbs is listed at Newtown House, Tallaght, in [Thom's] 1913 to 1926.
    Liam Cosgrave (born 1920) remembered visiting Stubbs at Newtown around 1926 with his brother Micheál and his grandfather the Alderman. Stubbs was sick, and Liam and his brother were kept outside.
    Robert is listed at death as farmer, unmarried, formerly of Newtown House.
    He died 11 Oct 1927, Mater Hospital, Dublin, age 60 yrs. See death in [GROI], which has age wrong.
    See death notice in Irish Independent, October 13, 1927.
    Stubbs is no longer listed at Newtown in [Thom's] 1927 on.

Stubbs' field mentioned in the chapter "Antiquities" on p.47 of [Handcock, 1899].
"A number of skeletons were found a few years ago in a sandpit lying to the west of Balrothery Hill. It is in a field called the Terrets, belonging to Mr. Stubbs of Newtown, on the banks of the Dodder. The skeletons were in separate graves facing east."

House at Bolbrook, E of Tallaght. Photo 1978.
This may be Newtown House.
See full size.
Photo by Michael Fewer. See credits.

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