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William Flanagan, of Kilnamanagh, Co.Dublin

Marriage of William Flanagan and Elizabeth Maguirk, Nov 1824 [Rathfarnham RC par records].

William Flanagan,
bapt 3 June 1790.
Grew up in Kilnamanagh, Tallaght par, Co.Dublin.
Charles Flanagan (born 1875) said he heard that his grandfather (William Flanagan) "was chased by the English soldiers through the Dublin Mountains for having political views".
This could be confusion with memories of Flanagan in the 1803 rising, when possibly one of William's older brothers was one of the rebels.
William inherited the family farm at Greenhills Road, Kilnamanagh townland in Tallaght par, Co.Dublin. Lived and farmed there.
[Deed, 1816] is a deed from Hartley Hodson of Green Park, Co.Westmeath, and Mary his wife, to William Flanagan and his brother Denis, of property in Tallaght parish, Co.Dublin.

He mar 20-29 Nov 1824 to Elizabeth Maguirk [or McGuirk, or Eliza].
He is listed as William Flanagan, of Green Hills, Co.Dublin, farmer, in [Deed, 1825].
[Deed, 1825] says he is heir of his brother Denis' interest in two properties:

He is listed with 21 acres at Kilnamanagh in [Tithe Survey, 1826].
He might also be the "William Flanigan" who is listed in [Tithe Survey, 1826] at Oldbawn, Tallaght parish (S of Tallaght, see old map), holding 5 acres of "Meadow, Pasture and Tillage".
He is listed with 15 acres at Kilnamanagh in [Griffiths Valuation, 1847] and [Griffiths Valuation, 1850].
"William and Elizabeth Flanagan" sp bapt of their grandson Thomas Malone 1855.
Elizabeth died in 1855 to 1874.
[Deed, 1860] is a new lease from members of the Hodson family to William Flanagan, farmer, of Green Hills, of the 14 acre property he occupies at Kilnamanagh. It does not refer to any earlier leases.
Listed as of "Green Hills" at son John's mar 1863.
William is listed as of Kilnamanagh in [Voters of Co.Dublin 1865, p.60].
He is listed as a "gardener" (would be market gardener) at his son The Alderman's marriage 1866 [GROI].
Listed as "farmer" at son William's mar, June 1874.
He is described as "farmer", "late of Green Hills" at death.

William dies, 1874:
He died 5 July 1874, at the residence of his dau Agnes Stubbs in Newtown, Tallaght, age 84 yrs [GROI].
See death notice in Irish Times, July 6, 1874.
See death notice in Freemans Journal, 6 July 1874.
Funeral 7 July 1874, bur Tallaght cemetery.
William and Elizabeth had issue:

  1. Mary Flanagan,
    Mary Louisa Flanagan,
    bapt 18 Sept 1825 [Rathfarnham RC par records], sp Andrew Corcoran and Elizabeth Kane.
    She mar 2 May 1852 [Rathfarnham RC par records] to Robert Malone and had issue.
    See mar entry. From here. Mar wit by Henry Carroll and Agnes Flanagan.

  2. Louisa Flanagan,
    born Co.Dublin,
    bapt 20 Apr 1828 [Rathfarnham RC par records], think "Louisa Catherine", sp Michael and Elizabeth Conly(?).
    "Louisa Flanagan" sp the bapt of Edward William Doyle in 1863.
    "Louisa Flanagan" wit her sister Agnes' mar 1866.
    "Louisa Flanagan" sp bapt of her nephew John Flanagan 1872.
    She never married. She was a fruiterer in Rathmines, Co.Dublin, for many years.
    "Louisa Flanagan, fruiterer" is listed at No.1 Tourville, Rathmines Rd, in [Thom's] at least 1877 to 1910. This is beside her brother-in-law Peter Doyle, grocer.
    She is listed on Rathmines Rd in [Census, 1901]. She is "fruiterer", spinster, living with one servant.
    She died unmarried, 13 Feb 1911, 1 Tourville, Rathmines Rd, age 82 yrs. See death in [GROI]. She is "fruiterer".
    Death registered by her niece Mary Dempsey.

  3. Agnes Flanagan,
    bapt 24 Jan 1830 [Rathfarnham RC par records], sp Michael(?) Condron and Sarah Kennedy.
    She wit her sister Mary's mar 1852.
    She sp bapt of her niece Elizabeth Malone 1864.
    Listed at mar as of "Greenhills" or "Kilnamanagh".
    She mar 1866 to William Stubbs [of Newtown, Tallaght] and had issue.

  4. Elizabeth Flanagan,
    born Co.Dublin,
    bapt 2 Jan 1832 [Rathfarnham RC par records], sp Joseph Kennedy and Catherine Lalor.
    She mar Peter Doyle and had issue.

  5. Alderman Michael Flanagan,
    Michael Flanagan,
    born 1833, must be in family farmhouse, Greenhills, Tallaght, Co.Dublin,
    bapt 29 Sept 1833 [Rathfarnham RC par records], sp Andrew Corcoran and Mary Flanagan.
    He is referred to as "Uncle Mike" in letters of Charles Flanagan and letter of Marie Boyce.
    He became an Alderman on Dublin Corporation in 1890s, Thereafter referred to by the family as "the Alderman".

  6. John Flanagan,
    bapt 22 May 1836 [Rathfarnham RC par records], sp George Laulter(?) and Elouisa Flanagan.

  7. William Flanagan,
    Willie, youngest son,
    bapt 29 July 1840 [Rathfarnham RC par records], sp William (?) Doran and Elouisa Flanagan.

  8. Total of 4 sons and 6 daus, according to [letters of Charles Flanagan].
    That is, 1 more son, and 2 more daus.

William Flanagan listed with 21 acres at Kilnamanagh (Greenhills Road), Tallaght parish, Co.Dublin, in [Tithe Survey, 1826].

William Flanagan's farm in Greenhills, Tallaght.
His house was at the roadside.
From 1829 to 1842 map.
See unhighlighted.

The Flanagan house and farm surviving in the late 20th century.
See the shape of the above plot, to the RHS in this picture, with the house at the roadside.
See full size.
See details.

St. Maelruain's (Church of Ireland), Tallaght.
Both Catholics and Protestants are buried in the graveyard here.
Photo 2012. See full size.
See street view.


1865 general election

The Flanagans had the vote in 1865.

Two Flanagans are listed in [Voters of Co.Dublin 1865, pp.59-60]. This lists all the voters who voted in Dublin County in the 1865 general election and who they voted for (no secret ballot).
It shows that both Flanagans voted for "W", who is Charles William White (Liberal), who did not win.
William is our William Flanagan of Kilnamanagh.
It is unclear who James William Flanagan of "Torville", Rathmines Road, is.
Note that two of the siblings above are found at Tourville, Rathmines road: Also another sibling married Peter Doyle who is found at No.2 Tourville, Rathmines road, from at least 1861.


Children's baptisms


Baptism of Mary Louisa Flanagan, 18 Sept 1825 [Rathfarnham RC par records].

Baptism of Louisa Flanagan, 20 Apr 1828 [Rathfarnham RC par records].

Baptism of Agnes Flanagan, 24 Jan 1830 [Rathfarnham RC par records].

Baptism of Elizabeth Flanagan, 2 Jan 1832 [Rathfarnham RC par records].

Baptism of Michael Flanagan, 29 Sept 1833 [Rathfarnham RC par records].

Baptism of John Flanagan, 22 May 1836 [Rathfarnham RC par records].

Baptism of William Flanagan, 29 July 1840 [Rathfarnham RC par records].




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