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Edward Goddard, MP

Edward Goddard, MP,
of Hartham, Wiltshire,
and of Ogbourne St. Andrew, Wiltshire.
He mar Elizabeth Smith.

MP for Marlborough, Mar-June 1679:
He became an MP in the March 1679 Parliament, for Marlborough.
His brother-in-law John Smith was also first elected in March 1679.

Edward died just 3 months after being elected.
He died 10 June 1679.
He was bur 11 June 1679 at Ogbourne St. Andrew.
Edward and Elizabeth had issue:

  1. William Goddard.
    Letter of 1806 says: "The Eldest son spent great part of the Estate, & dyed a Batchelor".

  2. John Goddard.
    Letter of 1806 says: "the 2nd [son] spent another [illegible] & left one Daughter".
    John had issue:

    1. Elizabeth Goddard,
      heiress of the Goddard estate of Hartham, Wiltshire,
      mar 1729 to her 1st cousin Edward Goddard and had issue.

  3. Rev. Thomas Goddard, born 1674,
    Canon of Windsor.
    Letter of 1806 says: "the 3rd [son] had four sons and one Daughter your Mother."

  4. Richard Goddard,
    bapt 11 March 1676, Ogbourne St Andrew, Wiltshire.
    Army officer. See his career.
    Letter of 1806 says: "the 4th [son] was a Lt Col in the Army & dyed a batchelor". The "Lt Col" is an error, confusion with his brother Henry's rank. Note the letter author is talking about his uncle who died 100 years ago.

    He was Lieutenant, "Queen's Regiment of Foot", 18 Mar 1693. (This was formerly the Earl of Plymouth's Regiment of Foot, whose name was changed to the Queen's Own Regiment of Foot in 1685 and then to the Royal Regiment of Marines in 1703.)
    He and his brother Henry joined their cousin Thomas Farrington's regiment (the 29th Regiment of Foot) 10 Mar 1702. Richard was 2nd Lieutenant (demotion from his former rank as Lieutenant).
    On 25 Mar 1705 he received commission as Captain in Luke Lillingstone's Regiment of Foot (the 38th Regiment of Foot).
    The regiment was sent to Ireland in 1705.
    He was serving as Captain in this regiment in Ireland in 1706.
    He died 1706, age 30 yrs.
    Will proved in Ireland 1706. Will was burnt in 1922.
    The regiment went to the West Indies in 1707.

  5. Henry Goddard, born 1677,
    bapt 6 Feb 1677, Ogbourne St Andrew, Wiltshire.
    Army officer. Went to Ireland.
    Letter of 1806 says: "My Father was the 5th [son]".
    The letter refers to "a curious petition of my Father's to Ld Carteret". Other documents show the issue with Lord Carteret refers to Henry Goddard.
    [Will of Rev. John Goddard, 1785] refers to "my cousin Henry Goddard of the Kingdom of Ireland and son of my late Uncle Henry Goddard".

  1. Mary Goddard,
    mar William Grinfield, MP and had issue.


Ogbourne St. Andrew.
From 1885 map.
See modern satellite view and street view of church.

Edward Goddard, MP, appears in Shaftesbury's list of MPs in 1679.
The Earl of Shaftesbury drew up a list of MPs for the March 1679 parliament to estimate their sympathies in the Exclusion Crisis. Shaftesbury wanted MPs to support him in excluding James, Duke of York from the throne because he was Catholic.
See abbreviations: "n" means did not sit in the old parliament and "H" means "Honest", meaning liable to support Shaftesbury and Exclusion.
Note Goddard's brother-in-law John Smith appears also.
Goddard did indeed vote for Exclusion, as did John Smith.
Above is from p.240 of "Shaftesbury's 'Worthy Men': A Whig View Of The Parliament Of 1679", J.R. Jones, Historical Research, November 1957, Volume: 30 Issue: 82 Page: 232-241.
Original list is in Shaftesbury papers. See old reference.


Richard Goddard career


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From p.312 of [English army lists, Vol.3: 1689-1694].

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From pp.97-98 of [English army lists, Vol.5: 1702-1707].

Section: "Regiments raised on the English Establishment, 1703-1706".
From pp.182-183 of same.

Section: "Lists of Officers serving in Regiments on the Irish Establishment in 1706".
From p.257 of same.


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