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Henry Goddard


View of Youghal, Co.Cork, painted in 1725-1737 period.
From here and here.

Henry Goddard,
bapt 6 Feb 1677, Wiltshire.
Army officer. See his career.
He and his brother Richard joined their cousin Thomas Farrington's regiment (the 29th Regiment of Foot) 10 Mar 1702. Henry was Ensign.

Settles in Ireland:
In 1704-06 he joined an Irish regiment, the Earl of Inchiquin's Regiment of Foot (raised 1704, but no list exists before 1706).
He appears as a Captain in the Earl of Inchiquin's Regiment of Foot in 1706.
His brother Richard had joined an English regiment but his regiment was sent to Ireland in 1705.
Richard died in Ireland in 1706.
Henry ultimately settled in Ireland.
This may be ultimately why Capt. Thomas Goddard came from England to Ireland.

Henry's regiment embarked for Spain 1709 to fight in the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714).
The regiment saw service under General Stanhope and the Duke of Argyll.
Major 28 May 1710.
Bt-Lt-Col 1 Jan 1711.
Regiment disbanded 1712. He was placed on half-pay as Major.
Appointed Major of Sir Robert Rich's Regiment of Dragoons, 22 July 1715.
Commission renewed 1727.
He was replaced as Major in 1729 and put on half pay.
See order of 14 May 1729 from John Carteret, Lord Carteret (later 2nd Earl Granville, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1724-1730).
Henry appealed to the Lord Lieutenant about this. See his son's letter which refers to: "a curious petition of my Father's to Ld Carteret when Ld Lt of Ireland with his case".

Lived Youghal, Co.Cork [son's letter].
He died 1748, age 71 yrs.
Will proved in Ireland 1748. Listed as "Lieut.-Col. Henry Goddard". Will burnt in 1922.
His wife must be Elizabeth Goddard, widow, of Youghal, Co.Cork, will proved in Ireland 1756. Will burnt in 1922.
Henry had issue:

  1. Elizabeth Goddard.
    She mar 20 Sept 1748 [Youghal CoI par records] to Capt. Nicholas Netterville.

    Capt. Nicholas Netterville was son of Nicholas Netterville, of Hollymount, Co.Meath, son of Nicholas Netterville, of Cruicerath, Co.Meath, son of Robert Netterville, of Cruicerath, son of Nicholas Netterville, 1st Viscount Netterville.
    Nicholas Netterville (father of Capt. Nicholas) mar 1stly, post-1717, to Elizabeth Jones [widow of Henry Luttrell, and mother of Simon Luttrell, 1st Earl of Carhampton]. Nicholas mar 2ndly, 1724, to Joyce ---- [widow of Sir Ignatius Nugent].
    [Lodge's Peerage] suggests Capt. Nicholas was son of the 2nd marriage.
    Letter of 1806 says Capt. Netterville was "half brother to the late Earl Carhampton", though if he is from his father's 2nd mar then they did not share any blood.

  2. Henry Goddard.
    Army officer.
    Lived in Ireland.
    [Will of Rev. John Goddard, 1785] refers to "my cousin Henry Goddard of the Kingdom of Ireland and son of my late Uncle Henry Goddard". Rev. John leaves him an inheritance.
    In 1806 he was living in the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin (home for retired soldiers).
    Author of letter of 1806 from the Royal Hospital.
    Listed in [Dublin Almanac, 1812] as one of the "Captains on the Establishment" in the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham.

  3. Thomas Goddard.
    Thomas Wyndham Goddard.
    Army officer.
    He is probably "Thomas Windham Goddard" who married by licence in Dublin diocese in 1765 to Ann Rich. Though it is possible this is General Thomas Goddard. Marriage licence would be burnt in 1922.
    Mentioned in his brother's letter 1806 as then also living in the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin.
    He is "Thomas Wyndham Goddard" who is listed in [Dublin Almanac, 1812] with his brother as one of the "Captains on the Establishment" in the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham.
    He had issue:

    1. (dau) Goddard,
      mar Capt. --- Chute.
      He died pre-1806.
      She fl 1806, described in 1806 letter as "a very elegant young widow".
      They had issue:

      1. (dau) Chute, born c.1796.

    Thomas and his dau must be identical with the following:

    Capt. Goddard,
    of Queen's Co.,
    had issue:

    1. Anne Goddard.
      She mar 30 Jan 1793 [St.Peter's, Dublin] (according to this site, but not found in a search here)
      to Capt. Falkiner Chute [born post-1763] and had issue [a dau].
      Marriage licence in Dublin diocese dated 1793. Marriage licence would be burnt in 1922.


Henry Goddard career


Section: "Succession of Regimental Colonels".
From p.9 of [English army lists, Vol.5: 1702-1707].

Section: "Official Army List for 1702 - corrected to December 1706".
From pp.97-98 of same.

Section: "Regiments raised in Ireland, 1703-1704".
From p.245 of same.

1706 list of officers in above regiment.
From p.260 of same.

Order of 14 May 1729.
From p.67 of "Calendar of treasury books and papers", 1729-1730, pub 1897.


Royal Hospital, Kilmainham

Both Henry Goddard the younger and his brother Thomas Wyndham Goddard lived in old age at the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin.

Henry Goddard the younger and his brother Thomas Wyndham Goddard listed in [Dublin Almanac, 1812, p.186] in the "Captains on the Establishment" residing at the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham.
See full page.
No Goddard is listed at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham in [Dublin Almanac, 1806], though maybe because it is a shorter listing and no "Captains on the Establishment" are listed.


Goddards in Irish records


Entries for Goddard in [Vicars' index of Irish wills 1536-1810].
See Henry and (must be his wife Elizabeth) and Richard and Capt. Thomas.
All of these wills were burnt in Dublin in 1922.

Entries for Goddard in Dublin diocese wills, probates and marriage licences.
From p.348 of [26th report of Deputy Keeper of Public Records in Ireland, 1894].
See abbreviations.
See Anne and Thomas Windham.
All of these records were burnt in Dublin in 1922.

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