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Annagh, Abington parish, Co.Limerick

Hourigan property in Annagh townland, Abington par, NE Co.Limerick.
NW of Murroe. Near border with Co.Tipperary.


Location of Annagh, Co.Limerick, on Co.Tipperary border, NW of Moroe, SW of Newport.
From here.


Hourigan apparently acquired tenancy of their property in Annagh townland around the late 17th century from Sir Thomas Hackett (died 1706).
Home of Jack Hourigan (born maybe 1760s, alive in 1826).
Jack is living at Annagh in 1805.

There emerged (apparently by 1826) two Hourigan properties at Annagh:

  1. The "Orchards" house at Annagh:
    This property included the orchard, and the buildings across the road.
    There was an old house, and a new house built in 1932.

  2. The "Boreen" house at Annagh:
    This house is down the lane (the "boreen") to the SE of the orchard.
    This house was actually bigger than the old house at the orchard.

There are two entries for "John Hourigan" at Annagh in [Tithe Survey, 1826]. This must be the two properties already separate. The entries must be for Jack and his son Jack. The properties are 40 acres (probably the Orchards) and 27 acres (probably the Boreen).

Annagh was inherited by the son, Jack Hourigan (married before 1816, alive in 1851).
[Hourigan Tree] says Jack "planted the orchard across the road" when he was age 70.
The orchard appears on the 1829 to 1842 map.
In [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] there are two properties, 69 acres for the aged Jack Hourigan (with a large house) and 48 acres for his son "John Hourigan junior" (with another large house, in fact valued higher than the house of the father).
It is likely that the smaller acres but slightly better house in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] is the "Boreen" house.
After the father died, the property splits to his sons:


Two entries for John Hourigan at Annagh in [Tithe Survey, 1826].
From here.

Part of the townland of Annagh on 1829 to 1842 map.
In the centre here is the orchard. Across the road is the "Orchards" Hourigan house.
To the SE of the orchard is the "Boreen" house.

Jack Hourigan and his son John Hourigan junior listed at Annagh in Abington par, p.3, in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851].
John Hourigan (the father) holds 69 acres (largest plot in the townland) and a large house, and leases out some small plots.
John Hourigan junior holds 48 acres (2nd largest plot in the townland) and a large house, and leases out some small plots.

The area around the Hourigan house on the [Griffiths Valuation] map at
Unfortunately the plot numbers do not match the numbers in the text.
Plot 19A here is the "Orchards" plot, which must be plot 28 in the text.
Plot 20 here is the "Boreen" plot, which must be plot 40 in the text.

The Hourigan property in Annagh.
From 1887 to 1913 map.
The "Orchards" house to the W of the orchard.
The "Boreen" house to the SE.

The two Hourigan houses at Annagh in the 1901 census.
From here.

"The Orchards", Annagh, today.
Older buildings closer to the road.
The new house (built 1932) to the SW, back from the road.
From satellite view.

"The Orchards", Annagh. The new house built in 1932.
From NIAH.

Sign at the new house, "The Orchards", Annagh, saying it was built by James Hourigan in 1932.
From NIAH.

Street view of the older buildings at "The Orchards", Annagh, today.
From street view. Click to rotate.
Right foreground would be the older Hourigan buildings.
Left background is the new house.
Rotate to see the orchard.
In the orchard are the remains of a small herdsman's house.

The "Boreen" house at Annagh today.
From satellite view.
See street view of entrance.

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