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John Hourigan, of Annagh

Marriage of John Hourigan and Catherine Ryan, 23 Feb 1848, Newport.
From here.

John Hourigan,
bapt 7 May 1819.
See entry in tree by Paddy Waldron.
He lived in the "Orchards" house at Annagh.
He mar 1stly to Catherine Ryan [of Knocksentry, Co.Limerick] and had issue.
She died pre-1848.

Confusingly his 2nd wife had same name.
He mar 2ndly, 23 Feb 1848, to Catherine Ryan [of Knocknahopple, born 1829 or 1831].
They mar at [Newport RC church]. Mar wit by James Hourigan and Mary Kennedy.
See mar entry from here. NOT 23 Mar 1848.

In [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] there are two Hourigan properties at Annagh, 48 acres for this John, and 69 acres for his aged father.
John died at Annagh, 9 Apr 1883, age 63 yrs.
See death cert from here. He is farmer, married.

Catherine continued to live at Annagh with unmarried sons.
She is listed in 1901 census at Annagh. She is widow, farmer. House no.16.
She died at Annagh, 4 Feb 1904 [newspaper] or 1 Feb [death cert].
See notice in Limerick Chronicle, 6 Feb 1904.
See death cert from here.
She was bur at Caherconlish.
John had among other issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Patrick Hourigan,
    Pat, bapt 28 Mar 1849 [Murroe RC par records], sp Denis Kennedy and Bridget Kennedy. NOT 28 Mar 1848.
    See bapt entry from here.
    He moved to The Hill.

  2. James Hourigan,
    bapt 22 Dec 1850.
    He lived at Annagh.
    He died 4 Dec 1893.

  3. Rick Hourigan,
    Richard, bapt 2 Feb 1856.
    Lived Ahane, Co.Limerick.

  4. Margaret Hourigan,
    bapt 2 Jan 1858.
    She mar 12 Feb 1896 to John L. Frost and had issue.

  5. Fr. Michael Hourigan,
    bapt 2 Dec 1860.
    Ordained 1886.
    In 1888 he was appointed chaplain to the Catholic chapel at Foxcote House, Ilmington, Warwickshire.
    See notes on pp.180-181 of Historical notes on English Catholic Missions, Bernard W. Kelly, 1907.
    Foxcote House was at this time home of Philip John Canning Howard, from the family of Howard of Corby, descendant of the 4th Duke of Norfolk. The Catholic chapel was used by Howard and by local Catholics.

    Fr. Michael was back in Ireland in 1900.
    P.P. of Upperchurch, Co.Tipperary, 1919 to 1947.
    Became a Canon.
    He died 29 Jan 1947.

  6. Thomas Hourigan,
    Tom, born 1864.
    He lived at Annagh.
    At home with mother in 1901 census.
    He is listed at Annagh in 1911 census. He is farmer, unmarried.
    He is farmer, unmarried, at death.
    He died Annagh, 6 Nov 1928.
    See death cert from here.

  7. Catherine Hourigan,
    Katie, bapt 27 Apr 1870.
    She mar 17 Feb 1897 [NOT 1887] to James Nolan and had issue.

  8. Fr. Dan Hourigan,
    Daniel, bapt 29 Mar 1873.
    Ordained 1900.
    P.P of Kilbehenny, Co.Limerick, 1935 to 1955.
    He died at his nephew's house in Annagh, 3 Nov 1955.

This John ("John Hourigan junior") and his aged father ("John Hourigan") listed at Annagh in Abington par, p.3, in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851].
This John holds 48 acres (2nd largest plot in the townland) and a large house, and leases out some small plots.

This must be the grave of John Hourigan (bapt May 1819, died 1883) at Caherconlish.
The transcript says it is erected by Mrs. John Hourigan in memory of her husband John Hourigan who was born Dec 1820 (would be error) and died 1888 (would be transcription error).
It is flanked by the graves of James Hourigan and Mona Lane.
Photo 2012. See full size.
From Creative Commons.

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