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David Humphrys, of Glenstal and Ballyvarra


"David Humphrys (Pat)" listed at Glenstal in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851].

David Humphrys,
or Humphreys,
born 1802.
Farmer, of Glenstal, Co.Limerick, and later of Ballyvarra.
He was said to be of "Barrington's Field", Glenstal.
Not to be confused with the other David Humphrys of Glenstal at exactly the same time.

He mar 14 Feb 1839 to Bridget Scanlon [or Scanlan].
They mar at Kilcommon RC church, Co.Tipperary (across county border from Glenstal). Mar wit by Pat Hayes and William Hanley.
Children born Co.Limerick (would be Glenstal).
Children bapt at Murroe (near Glenstal) in 1841 to 1863.
"David Humphrys (Patt)" listed in [Tenure Book for Glenstal, 1850]. Holds 20 acres.

32 acre farm at Glenstal:
He is definitely "David Humphrys (Pat)" who is listed at Glenstal in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] as occupying 32 acres (with a house). He also rents out one small plot. Leasing from Sir Matthew Barrington, 2nd Baronet.
This is definitely him because the 32 acre farm is mentioned later in the letter of 1876 after his death.

Family seems to have changed to spelling "Humphreys".
Living "Lower Glenstal" at son's bapt 1863.
He moved in 1863-1876 to Ballyvarra, SE of Annacotty, E of Limerick (not far from Glenstal).
The story is that he returned "Barrington's Field" to the landlord Barrington in exchange for a farm at Ballyvarra. He died at Ballyvarra. Though the letter of 1876 after his death shows the family still holding Glenstal, and selling it then.
Bridget died pre-1876.
David died at Ballyvarra, 21 Feb 1876, age 74 yrs. See death cert from here. Listed as farmer.
David and Bridget had issue:

  1. Mary Humphreys,
    bapt 30 June 1841 [Murroe RC par records], sp Denis Scanlan and Honora Ryan.

  2. Catherine Humphreys,
    bapt 9 Aug 1845 [Murroe RC par records], sp Patrick Bourke and Alley Scanlan.

  3. Deborah Humphreys,
    bapt 5 Sept 1847 [Murroe RC par records], sp Thomas Humphreys and Deborah Humphreys.

  4. Margaret Humphreys,
    bapt 11 Dec 1849 [Murroe RC par records], sp Simon Humphreys and Catherine Molony.

  5. Bridget Humphreys,
    born Co.Limerick, 1851 (by 1911 census) or 1861 (by 1901 census),
    can't find bapt.
    Listed with brother Nicholas at Ballyvarra in 1901 census. Not married.
    Listed with brother Timothy in Dublin in 1911 census. Not married.

  6. David Humphreys,
    bapt 25 Jan 1852 [Murroe RC par records], sp John Bourke and Allicia Scanlan.
    His father died Feb 1876.
    In a letter of 29 Mar 1876 [Barrington papers, Glenstal] James Kemp proposes to become tenant of the farm in Glenstal recently held by "David Humphreys" of size 32 acres. Kemp pays David Humphreys £170 for possession of the farm.

  7. William Humphreys,
    bapt 6 Mar 1854 [Murroe RC par records], sp William Humphreys and Bridget Humphreys.
    Registered father's death 1876. Living Ballyvarra.

  8. Nicholas Humphreys,
    Census says born Co.Limerick. Meant to be born "Barrington's Field", Glenstal, Co.Limerick.
    He was bapt 9 Nov 1856, Murroe RC church, sp David Burke and Anne Kemp.
    He took over farm at Ballyvarra, Co.Limerick, after father died 1876.
    See him listed in 1901 census at Ballyvarra. He is farmer, unmarried. Sister with him.
    "N. Humphreys, Ballyvara" is listed among "cousins" at Dr.David's funeral 1903.
    At mar 1906 he is listed as farmer, of Ballyvarra.
    He mar 1stly, 27 February 1906, to Ellen Hourigan [born 1876, dau of Michael Hourigan, farmer]. No issue.
    At mar she is living Killcullan, Co.Limerick.
    They mar at University Church, St.Stephen's Green, Dublin. See mar cert from here.

    Ellen died only months later, 13 Dec 1906, Ballyvarra, age 30 yrs. See death cert from here.
    At mar 1909 he is listed as widower, farmer, of Ballyvarra.
    He mar 2ndly, 28 Apr 1909, to Anne O'Meara [born 1881, Co.Tipperary, dau of Patrick O'Meara, farmer]. No issue.
    At mar she is living Newport, Co.Tipperary.
    They mar at Nenagh, Co.Tipperary. See mar cert from here.

    See them listed in 1911 census at Ballyvarra. He is farmer.
    He became a magistrate.
    Anne died pre-1947.
    Nicholas suffered a stroke.
    He had no children. His cousin Jimmy Humphrys of Glenstal thought he might get Ballyvarra. (They must have been close.)
    But Nicholas sold or left farm at Ballyvarra to his nephew.
    He came up to Dublin to live with his nephew.
    Timmy Humphreys said that Nicholas would still come back down to Murroe at election times to vote Fine Gael.
    At death he is listed as of 141 Cabra Rd, Dublin, widower, farmer.
    He died 20 Mar 1947, St.Lawrence's Hospital, Dublin, age 90 yrs. See death cert from here.

  9. Alice Humphreys,
    bapt 26 Feb 1859 [Murroe RC par records], sp John Humphreys and Maria Humphreys.

  10. Michael Humphreys,
    bapt 29 Sept 1860 [Murroe RC par records], sp John Bourke and Kate Humphreys.
    One of the sons was a priest. It must be him.
    He must be Fr. Michael A. Humphreys who married his brother Timothy in 1910 in Dublin.

  11. Timothy Humphreys,
    born Co.Limerick,
    bapt 12 Feb 1863 [Murroe RC par records], sp Daniel Doherty and Margaret Doherty.
    He must be Timothy Humphry, age 36, born Co.Limerick, draper's assistant, unmarried, who is listed in 1901 census at a large business in South George's Street, Dublin.
    He wit his brother's mar 1906.
    At mar 1910 he is merchant, living 33 Lindsay Rd, Glasnevin, Co.Dublin.
    He mar 27 July 1910 to Margaret Ryan [born 1875, Co.Limerick, dau of Owen Ryan, merchant].
    At mar she is living Castleconnell, Co.Limerick.
    They mar at St.Columba's RC church, Glasnevin. See mar cert from here.
    They were married by Fr. Michael A. Humphreys. This must be his brother.

    Timothy and Margaret are listed in 1911 census in Glasnevin, Co.Dublin. He is cabinet salesman.

    One of the sons is father of:

    1. P. Humphreys.
      Listed at 141 Cabra Rd, Dublin in [Thoms, 1945, p.898].
      His uncle Nicholas came to Dublin to live with him at 141 Cabra Rd. Nicholas was living there at his death in 1947.
      Listed at 141 Cabra Rd, Dublin in [Thoms, 1951, p.863]. Gone by [Thoms, 1953].
      He inherited Ballyvarra, and sold it.
      It had been thought that the nephew was called Bob Humphreys, but this seems wrong.

    Two of the daughters became nuns.
    One of them entered an enclosed order in Dublin. The family was rather upset about it.

David Humphrys listed at Lower Glenstal at bapt of Timothy, 12 Feb 1863.
From here.

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