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Jimmy Humphrys, of Glenstal


Ireland-America hurling match, Tailteann Games, Dublin, 1924.
Jimmy Humphrys, the Irish captain (right) shaking hands with the American captain.
See full size. From here.
Copy in INDH544 at [NLI].
See also here. See 1963 newspaper.

Jimmy Humphrys, of Glenstal (see here),
born 10th Feb 1894.
He registered his grandmother's death 1909, even though only age 15. He was present at death.

Limerick GAA hurler:
He was a prominent Co.Limerick GAA hurler (as his older first cousin Tim Lloyd had been). He played mid-field.
At club level he played for Cappamore GAA club. At least once he played for a Cappamore-Murroe team.
Later he played for Claughaun GAA club.
At county level he played for Limerick county. He won the All-Ireland twice, runner-up once.

Summary of his career playing hurling for Limerick:

  • 1918 - won All-Ireland.
  • 1919 - got to Munster final.
  • 1920 - got to Munster final.
    • Limerick beat Tipperary in a tense Munster semi-final, held in Cork, 8 Aug 1920. The War of Independence was raging, Cork was under martial law, and the British authorities had banned the match. The GAA moved the match just outside the city, kept it secret from the authorities as long as possible, and it passed without incident.
    • Limerick lost to Cork in 1920 Munster final. This match was originally fixed for Aug 1920, but was postponed repeatedly because of the troubles, finally played 2 Apr 1922.
  • 1921 - won All-Ireland.
    • Limerick beat Cork in 1921 Munster final, played 28 May 1922.
    • Limerick beat Dublin in 1921 All-Ireland final. This was delayed by the Civil War, finally played 4 Mar 1923. Joseph O'Mara, the opera singer, threw in the ball.
  • 1922 - got to Munster final.
    • Limerick lost to Tipperary in 1922 Munster final. First match 1 July 1923 was a draw. Replay 12 Aug 1923 had 30,000 spectators (biggest Munster match ever).
  • 1923 - runner-up in All-Ireland.
    • Limerick beat Tipperary in 1923 Munster final, played 16 Mar 1924.
    • Limerick lost to Galway in 1923 All-Ireland final, played 14 Sept 1924.
  • 1924 - got to Munster final.
    • Limerick lost to Tipperary in 1924 Munster final, 5 Oct 1924.

Other career (apart from Limerick county):

  • He was captain of Irish hurling team to New York 1921.

  • Tailteann Games: He captained Ireland and Munster in hurling in the new Tailteann Games, Dublin, 1924.
    In the trials before the games he was captain of the Munster team that beat Leinster in the inter-provincial final trial, 27 July 1924. See Irish Times, July 28, 1924, and Nenagh Guardian, August 2, 1924.
    In the Tailteann Games itself, Jimmy was captain of the Irish team that beat America in the final to win the first ever International Hurling Competition (between Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and America), 10 Aug 1924. See Irish Times, August 11, 1924. He was presented with the cup by veteran Fenian John Devoy who had come over from America. Devoy made a rousing speech, as did organiser J.J. Walsh.
    He was also captain of the Munster team in the games, and this time (reversing the result in the trials) Leinster beat them in the inter-provincial final, 17 Aug 1924. See Irish Times, 18 Aug 1924.

  • At club level, his club Cappamore never got to the Limerick club final while he was there.
  • But when he joined Claughaun, his team won the 1926 Limerick club championship. Final played 17 Oct 1926.

He was in IRA in War of Independence 1919-21.
He was in flying squad of North Tipperary / East Limerick IRA.
At mar he is farmer, of Glenstal House.

He mar 14 Aug 1923 to Margaret O'Dwyer [Margaret Mary O'Dwyer, Gretta, born 10 Feb 1903].
She was dau of John O'Dwyer, farmer, of Corelish House, Corelish, W of New Pallasgreen, Co.Limerick (near Co.Tipperary border, see map).
Margaret was born at Corelish. See birth cert from here.
She said to be born at "Dromkeen". This means Corelish. Dromkeen itself is close by.
They mar at Nicker RC church, SE of Corelish and SW of New Pallasgreen. See mar cert from here. She is of Corelish. Mar wit by "Daniel Humphreys" and Evelyn O'Dwyer.

Jimmy inherited the family farm at Glenstal, Co.Limerick. (His father eventually died 1934.)
There is a story that, shortly after the monks arrived at Glenstal Castle in 1927, Jimmy was out shooting in Glenstal. Unknown to him, one of the monks was also out shooting (Dom Winoc Mertens, the first monk to arrive in Glenstal). Both shot the same deer, discovered each other's existence, argued over who had shot it. In the end they divided it.
He owned greyhounds for coursing. Won many events.
His dog "Comrade Kiwi" won the Irish Cup at Cloonanna (or Clounanna), Croom par, Co.Limerick, 22 Nov 1929. See Irish Times, 23 Nov 1929.
He ran dog breeding kennels in Co.Limerick. He brought the English coursing dog "Whistling Coon" (named after a song) to Ireland for breeding.
He apparently spelt name "Humphrys" to the end of his life. But he is "Humphreys" on grave. Children are all "Humphreys". It was said the "e" was put into the surname by the school in the 1930s.

Jimmy dies, 1956:
He died 23 Dec 1956, age 62 yrs.
Huge funeral 25 Dec, bur Abington, Co.Limerick.
See brief obituary.

In old age Margaret was in nursing home in Castleconnell, Co.Limerick.
She died 23rd Mar 1998, age 95 yrs.
She was bur Abington, Co.Limerick.
Jimmy and Margaret had issue:

  1. Timmy Humphreys.
  2. David Humphreys.

  3. May Humphreys, mar Sean O'Donnell and had issue:
    1. Statia O'Donnell, mar Allen Tuckley and had issue:
      1. Rachel Tuckley.
      2. Philip Tuckley.
    2. Rory O'Donnell, mar Denise ----.

  4. Frances Humphreys,
    mar Peter Marshall
    and had issue:

    1. Julia Marshall, mar Victor ---- and had issue:
      1. Samuel ----.
      2. Lewis ----.
    2. Nicholas Marshall, mar Libby ---- and had issue:
      1. Emily Marshall.
      2. (son) Marshall.

    3. Patric Marshall.
      DNA match to me and Niall Humphreys.
      He mar ---- and had issue:
      1. Joseph Marshall.
      2. (3 others) Marshall.

    4. Neil Marshall.
      DNA match to me and Niall Humphreys.
      He mar Maree Devane and had issue:
      1. Tommy Marshall.
      2. Emma Marshall.

  5. Evelyn Humphreys, mar Sean Kennedy and had issue:
    1. William Kennedy, mar Barbara ---- and had issue:
      1. Megan Kennedy.
      2. Bobby Kennedy.
    2. Brian Kennedy, mar Catherine Blassi.
    3. Noreen Kennedy, mar Eddie Calisto and had issue:
      1. Matthew Calisto.
      2. Julia Calisto.

  6. James Humphreys, mar Margaret O'Connell and had issue:
    1. David Humphreys.

  7. Michael Humphreys, mar Kitty O'Connell and had issue:
    1. Alan Humphreys, mar Lyn Maheux and had issue:
      1. Chloe Humphreys.
      2. Rachel Humphreys.
      3. Michael Humphreys.
    2. Carol Humphreys, mar Paul Kearney and had issue:
      1. Kate Kearney.
      2. Aoife Kearney.

  8. John Humphreys.
  9. Anthony Humphreys.

  10. Willie Humphreys, mar Philomena Daly and had issue:
    1. Paul Humphreys, mar Carmel Bateman and had issue:
      1. Áine Humphreys.
      2. Ciarán Humphreys.
      3. Róisin Humphreys.
    2. Martina Humphreys, mar Mike Boland.
    3. Niamh Humphreys.
    4. John Humphreys, mar Joanne ----.

  11. Pauline Humphreys, mar Michael Carey and had issue:
    1. Colum Carey, mar Kelly Shannon and had issue:
      1. Aidan Carey.
      2. Leah Carey.


Ireland-America hurling match, Tailteann Games, Dublin, 1924.
Jimmy Humphrys would be the first Irish player to the right of the American captain.
From INDH545 at [NLI].

"Anoch Tailteann Continues" (1924) by British Pathe news.
On the Tailteann Games, Dublin, 1924.
From 0:13 to 1:25 there is video of the Ireland-America hurling match.
Search for more.

2006 documentary from TG4 on the Tailteann Games, Dublin, 1924.
From 15:09 to 16:02 there is video of the Ireland-America hurling match.




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