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John Humphrys, of Glenstal

Signature of Simon Humphrys.
On memorial of [Deed of 1809].
See larger.

We can reconstruct the following family tree of Humphrys of Glenstal.

[Deed, 1807] shows John of Glenstal as father of John of Glenstal who is setting up Patrick.
[Deed, 1756] shows John son of John of Glenstal. These must be the same people.
[Deed, 1817] shows the John who set up Patrick in 1807 is the same as John who got a lease of Glenstal in 1782.
[Deed, 1802] shows the 1782 John is the same as John who separated from his wife Ellen.
[Deed, 1797] shows the 1782 John is the same as John who set up his nephew Simon, son of David.
So the family tree is as follows:

John Humphrys,
born est c.1720.
Farmer at Glenstal, Co.Limerick.
He might be "John Humphris Gent" who is empowered by Arthur Hyde of Castle Hyde (owner of Glenstal) in [Deed, 1753] to act as his agent in a transaction with O'Brien.
Apparently in Glenstal in 1756:
He must be "John Humphris" of Glenstal whose son John was one of the lives used in [Deed, 1756].
He must be "John Humphries", with a family of 9, all Catholic, listed in Abington parish in [Religious Census 1766].
He died before [Deed, 1807].
He had issue:

  1. John Humphrys,
    born est c.1750,
    farmer at Glenstal, Co.Limerick,
    gained a long-term lease of Glenstal from the landlord Hyde in 1782.

    This younger John Humphrys may be our ancestor:
    John Humphrys, "Cracked Jack" held his land at Glenstal ultimately under a lease gained in 1782 by this younger John.
    It is almost certain that Cracked Jack's wife is a close relation of this John (may be his daughter).
    This John may be father of Cracked Jack's wife and grandfather of James Humphrys, "The Squire".
    Exact relationship not proven.

  2. David Humphrys,
    must be David Humphrys, of Murroe, farmer, who witnessed his son's marriage settlement [Deed, 1797],
    had issue:

    1. Simon Humphrys,
      of Murroe,
      listed as son of David and nephew of John,
      listed as "gent" and "farmer".
      He mar 1797 to Margaret Dwyer.
      She was dau of Anthony Dwyer, of "Cakifeild", Co.Clare (unidentified, maybe misread for Cornfield, Kilchreest par, Co.Clare).
      Marriage settlement in [Deed, 1797]. Refers to a marriage "then intended" between Simon and Margaret. His uncle John sets up an annuity for Margaret out of his lands at Glenstal in case she should survive Simon.
      [Deed, 1797] shows Simon then in possession of lands of "Bohergare" (though Humphrys are later gone from Bohergar) and "Killane" (unidentified, perhaps Kilbane, Kilmurry par, Co.Limerick).
      He is party to his uncle John's deed of separation [Deed, 1802].
      "Simon Humphreys" is mentioned in the Spring Assizes of Owneybeg, 1808. Think reference "L.79".
      He witnessed [Deed, 1809]. His signature is on the memorial.
      Simon Humphrys, of Murroe, is party to [Deed, 1817] about the lands of Glenstal after the death of his uncle John Humphrys of Glenstal.

    Nephews of John Humphrys:

    • Richard Humphrys,
      of Murroe,
      one of the lives in [Deed, 1782], listed as nephew of John.

    • John Humphrys,
      of "Gurteenaskagh" (must be Gorteennaskagh, Caherconlish par, Co.Limerick),
      one of the lives in [Deed, 1782], listed as nephew of John.


Patrick Humphrys, of Glenstal

Patrick of Glenstal is probably son or nephew of John Humphrys of Glenstal, who set him up with land at marriage.
The following items seem to reconstruct a family, with Patrick marrying Margaret and having son David, and Margaret being a widow in old age.


Baptism of Mary Humphrys, 29 Mar 1819.
From [Murroe RC par records].


John Humphrys David, of Murroe

John Humphrys David of Murroe is probably son or nephew of John Humphrys of Glenstal, who apparently set him up with an annuity at marriage.
He might be "John Humphrys (David)", meaning John Humphrys, son of David Humphrys.


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