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Miscellaneous Humphrys (Co.Limerick and Co.Tipperary)

And Humphreys and variant spellings.

Must be related

Glenstal, Co.Limerick


Abington, Co.Limerick

The following grave at Abington, Co.Limerick is allegedly Humphrys.
(todo) Find older grave reading.

Murroe, Co.Limerick

Humphrys of Glentworth St, Limerick

The Humphrys stained glass window, Redemptorists church, Limerick.
Photo 2023. See full size.
See wider shot.


Other Limerick city


Humphrys listed under Cotton Manufacturers in Limerick in 1824.
From p.287 of [Pigot's Directory, 1824].

There was a lane called Humphrus's Lane in Limerick city.
Also called Humphrie's Lane, or Humphru's Lane.
In the Watergate area.
Above from 1870 map.
Area is completely re-developed today. Nothing recognisable.
Location of lane would be back of Broadleaf Apartments. See modern map and street view.


TCD students, Limerick

Our family were modest rural Co.Limerick and Co.Tipperary farmers.
It seems unlikely they are related to 17th-18th century families sending their sons to TCD.
For what it is worth, here are the known entries for Humphreys (and related spellings) for Co.Limerick and Co.Tipperary in [TCD Alumni].

John Humphreys (Humphrey),
born Limerick, 1683.
Son of Dr. Thomas Humphreys, doctor of medicine.
Entered TCD in 1699, age 16.

George Humphreys (Humphrey),
born Limerick, 1695.
Son of George Humphreys, "plumbarius" (plumber).
Entered TCD in 1712, age 17.


Doonane, Co.Tipperary

Doonane was our ancestral farm, so these people are definitely related to the other Humphrys of Doonane.

The death of Nicholas Humphrys, of Doonane, from "decay", is recorded in Newport RC par records, 28 Nov 1817.
From here.

The death of David Humphrys, of Doonane, from "inflammation", is recorded in Newport RC par records, 1 Dec 1820.
From here.

Marriage of Richard Humphry of Doon (probably Doonane) to Mary Coffey, Newport RC par records, 20 Jan 1822.
From here.


Newport, Co.Tipperary


Ballynahinch, Co.Tipperary


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