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Tim Humphreys

The name "Humphreys" on tiled floor at the door of the Ranelagh pub.
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Tim Humphreys, the publican,
Timothy, born Rath, Co.Limerick, bapt 9 Aug 1876.
"Timothy Humphreys" of Rath was educ Crescent College, Limerick, for the single year 1893.
He went to Dublin.
In 1901 census he is staying with his uncle Mick Humphrys at his pub at 49 Great Britain St (later 49 Parnell St), Dublin. Tim is listed as "assistant" (apprentice in the pub business), unmarried.

Pub on Thomas St, Dublin:
He ran pub at 50 Thomas St, Dublin.
Listed as "T. Humphrys, grocer and wine merchant", and "T. Humphries, tea, wine and spirit merchant", 50 Thomas St, in [Thoms] 1906 to 1910.

Pub in Ranelagh:
He then ran pub in Ranelagh, Dublin.
"1910" appears on price list. Think that is date he set up pub in Ranelagh rather than date of price list.
In 1911 census he is listed as "vintner", back in Rath with his mother but this was only temporary. He was soon living at his new pub in Ranelagh.
Tim is listed as "spirit grocer", 12 and 13 Elmgrove, Ranelagh, in [Thoms] 1912 to 1932.

The pub was re-numbered in 1932-33 as 79 and 81 Ranelagh.
Humphreys pub listed at 79 and 81 Ranelagh (the same building) in [Thoms] 1933 to 1970 and beyond (still called Humphreys pub today).
Humphreys' pub was known as a "gentleman's pub" - the type of establishment where a gentleman could go without losing face.
Flann O'Brien used to frequent Humphreys' in Ranelagh [Walsh, 1988].

He mar 6 Nov 1945 (him age 69, her age c.45), St Teresa's church, Clarendon St (off Grafton St), Dublin,
to Molly Reilly [born c.1900], no issue.
She was the housekeeper of the pub when they married.
Tim died 14 Mar 1954, at the pub [GROI], age 77 yrs.
Molly ran the pub in Ranelagh after Tim died.
She died 1970, age c.70 yrs.

Baptism of Tim Humphreys in 1876 in [Murroe RC par records].

Tim Humphreys, age 24, listed as an assistant at his uncle Mick Humphrys' pub in Dublin in 1901 census.


Thomas St pub


Tim Humphreys' old pub at 50 Thomas St in [Thoms, 1910, p.1686].

Location of the old pub.
Thomas St between Meath St and Molyneux Yard.
From 1887 to 1913 map.

Modern street numbering is unchanged.

50 Thomas Street (same numbering as in past) is now a Centra convenience store.
2018 screenshot from street view.

Sign showing Tim Humphreys' old pub at 50 Thomas St.
Sign is now at Humphreys' pub, Ranelagh.
Photo 2019. See larger and full size.
See other photo. From here.

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