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John Humphrys, of Rath

John Humphrys listed as Clerk of Petty Sessions for Murroe and New Pallas in [Thom's, 1862, p.1050]. From here.
See also entry in [Thom's, 1868, p.1192].

John Humphrys,
of Rath, Abington par, Co.Limerick,
bapt 1 June 1830.
Clerk of the Petty Sessions:
John was Clerk of the Petty Sessions for the districts of Murroe and New Pallas.
"John Humphrys" (or "John Humphreys") is listed as Clerk of Petty Sessions for Murroe and New Pallas in [Thom's] at least 1862 to 1884.

He mar 5 Mar 1867 [Murroe RC par records] to Mary Humphrys [bapt 14th Dec 1845].
Family adopts spelling "Humphreys":
Think all his children adopted the spelling "Humphreys". Though Annie is "Humphrys" at marriage 1913. John himself is "Humphreys" on grave.

John dies, 1895:
He died Rath House, Tue 13 Aug 1895, age 65 yrs.
He was bur Abington, Co.Limerick.
See death notice in Limerick Chronicle, 17 August 1895.
He is listed as "farmer" at dau's mar 1904.

Mary carried on living at Rath.
[P106/166(1)] is letter of 12 Dec 1900 from Humphrys of Rath to Anno. It seems to be from "M.T. Humphrys" (Mary).
Mary and family are listed at Rath in [Census, 1901]. She is "farmer", widow.

In [Glenstal Abbey papers] there is an Order Fixing Fair Rent, with landlord Lord Cloncurry [4th Baron Cloncurry], tenant Mary Humphreys, widow, for Rath House and surrounding lands between Abington and Abington Rectory (The Glebe House), and lands in Knockanerry and Rath townlands, date 31 May 1902. "This holding .. is chiefly used as a dairy farm. .. Ample water supply (pump and stream). The Buildings consist of a substantial 2 storey slated dwelling house, and offices partly slated, iron and wooden roofed, and also a small slated cottier house."

Mary and family are listed at Rath in [Census, 1911]. She is "farmer", widow. Says she had 13 children, all then alive. All listed below.
Probate of will of "John Humphreys, farmer, Rath Murroe, Co.Limerick" granted at Limerick to "Mary Humphreys, widow" on 16th Aug 1911, estate £619 [NAI].
When she was young, Bee Moynihan knew Mrs.Humphreys and her sister Mrs.Ryan. She used meet them in Kilkee, Co.Clare, every year. They regarded her as spoiled. Bee said if she took porridge every day while she was there, she would get a present from them - a cup or a teapot or something - and she did it too. There was a puritanical upbringing in the Humphrys household.

Mary dies, 1920:
Mary died at Rath House, 30 Mar 1920, age 74 yrs.
See death notice in Limerick Chronicle, 30 Mar 1920.
Funeral Wed 31 Mar 1920, bur Abington, Co.Limerick.
John and Mary had issue:

  1. Canon Anthony Humphreys,
    Anthony M. Humphreys, born Rath,
    bapt 9 Sept 1868 [Murroe RC par records], sp James Humphrys, Catherine Humphrys.
    "Anthony Humphreys" of Rath was educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1882-83.
    [Maynooth] lists "Anthony Humphrey", matric 9 Sept 1888, diocese of Cashel.
    He is listed as Curate in Boyle, Co.Roscommon, in [Thoms] at least 1894 to 1901.
    C.C. (Curate) at Ballina as at 1903.
    He was at Dr.David's funeral 1903.
    Listed as "C.C." at sister Cathy's wedding 1904.
    Listed as Curate of Knocklong RC par, Co. Limerick, in [Thoms] at least 1910 to 1923.
    P.P. of Knockany RC par, Co.Limerick. Listed as such in [Thoms, 1929]. Still P.P. in 1934.
    Listed as "P.P." at niece Mary Nix's wedding 1933.
    He was at Mick's funeral 1934.
    Listed as "Canon" and "P.P." at nephew Thomas Nix's wedding 1938.
    He was at Nell's funeral 1939.
    He carried out the marriage of his 1st cousin's dau Louise Lloyd in Sandymount, Dublin, in 1942. Listed as P.P.
    He died pre-1965 [his sister's obituary].

  2. Sr. Margaret Mary Humphreys,
    born Rath, 1870,
    bapt 16 Mar 1870 [Murroe RC par records].
    "Margaret M. Humphrys" wit the mar of her aunt Annie in Dublin in 1889.
    She became a nun.
    Entered in 1889 [obituary] or 1891 [grave] into the Presentation convent at Ballingarry, Co.Tipperary.
    She taught in primary day school. She was sacristan for most of her life.
    She died 11 Feb 1965 [grave], age 94 yrs.
    1965 newspaper obituary survives.
    Death not found in [GROI].
    She was bur Ballingarry convent cemetery.

  3. Jim Humphreys,
    James Joseph Humphreys, born Rath,
    bapt 23rd Aug 1871 [Murroe RC par records], sp James Humphrys, Anne Humphrys.
    Clerk of the Petty Sessions:
    He was appointed Clerk of the Petty Sessions of Murroe and Newpallas when his father died 1895.
    [Thom's, 1901] lists him as Clerk of the Petty Sessions for Murroe and New Pallas.
    At home in 1901 census, listed as Clerk of the Petty Sessions.
    "James Humphreys" holds lands in Knockanerry (beside Rath) in document of 5 Mar 1902 [Glenstal papers].
    He was at Dr.David's funeral 1903.
    At home in 1911 census, listed as Clerk of the Petty Sessions.
    His mother died 1920.
    He inherited Rath, farmed there, didn't marry.
    Called "The Clerk", or "The Rath man". NOT a magistrate.
    "James J. Humphreys, C.P.S., Murroe" was at funeral of Matthew McCoy 1922.
    He died 16th April 1958 [gravestone, Abington], age 86 yrs.

  4. Fr. John Humphreys,
    Fr. Jack,
    born "Rath Cottage",
    bapt 28 Mar 1873 [Murroe RC par records], sp John Humphrys, Johanna Humphrys.
    "John Humphreys" of Rath was educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1882-1888.
    Curate at Curry RC par, Co.Sligo (Diocese of Achonry).
    Listed as Curate at Curry at Dr.David's funeral 1903, and in [Thoms, 1905].
    Listed as Curate at Kilbeheny, Co.Limerick, in [Thoms, 1910].
    Listed as Curate at Loughmore, Co.Tipperary (RC parish of Loughmore-Castleiney) in [Thoms] at least 1914 to 1923.
    Listed at death 1927 as C.C. (Curate), Castleiney, Co.Tipperary.
    He died shortly before 6 Jan 1927, age 53 yrs.
    See item in Limerick Chronicle, 15 Jan 1927.

  5. David Humphreys,
    David Anthony Humphreys, "Daisy", born Rath,
    bapt 16 Dec 1874 [Murroe par records], sp Timothy Humphrys, Anne Humphrys.
    He stayed on farm in Rath.
    He never married.
    1901 census says he can read and write, but 1911 census says "cannot read".
    He died April 1940 [gravestone, Abington], age 65 yrs.

  6. Tim Humphreys,
    of Humphreys' pub in Ranelagh,
    Timothy, born Rath,
    bapt 9 Aug 1876 [Murroe RC par records], sp Michael Humphrys, Margaret Humphrys. NOT 1879.

  7. Cathy Humphreys,
    born Rath,
    bapt "Catherine", 7 Aug 1878 [Murroe],
    "Kattie" and "Catherine" at marriage, "Kate" at son's birth,
    think NOT Kathleen.
    She was living Rath House at mar.
    She mar 9 Nov 1904 to Tom Nix and had issue.
    They mar at St.Joseph's church, Limerick.
    See mar cert from here.
    See notice in Limerick Chronicle, 12 November 1904.
    They were married by her brothers Fr. Anthony Humphreys and Fr. John Humphreys, and her uncle Fr. James Humphrys.

  8. Mick Humphreys,
    Michael, born Rath,
    bapt 25 Mar 1880 [Murroe RC par records], sp John Lloyd, Margaret Humphrys.
    "Michael Humphreys" of Rath was educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1896-1900.
    He went to America.
    Lived Brooklyn, New York.
    He mar Rose ----.
    Rose died 1974.
    They had issue:

    1. Tony Humphreys, mar Anne ---- and had issue:
      1. Michael Humphreys.
      2. Rosanne Humphreys.
      3. Frank Humphreys, mar Helen ---- and had issue:
        1. (son) Humphreys.

    2. Mary Humphreys, mar A.J. Sumbler and had issue:
      1. Janine Sumbler.

  9. Annie Humphreys,
    born "Upper Glenstal",
    bapt Anne, 9 Feb 1882 [Murroe], sp James Lloyd and Catherine Ryan.
    She witnessed sister Cathy's wedding 1904, living Rath.
    At home in 1911 census, unmarried.
    She mar 1913 to Patrick Frost and had issue.

  10. Dr. Joe Humphreys,
    Joseph, bapt 19 Aug 1883 [Murroe par records], sp David Humphrys, Margaret Ryan.
    "Joseph Humphreys" of Rath was educ Crescent College, Limerick, 1896-1900.
    Doctor. LRCPI, LRCSI.
    Not yet qualified at time of Dr.David's funeral 1903.
    He lived near Limerick. Had private practice at his house, and worked for Health Board.
    He mar Mary Hayes [Mary Patricia, born 1906, of Askeaton, Co.Limerick, NOT Mary Madden].
    He was at Nell's funeral 1939.
    Lived Rosmadda (near Parteen), St.Patrick's par, Co.Clare (near Limerick city, see map).
    He died 23 Feb 1967 [gravestone, Abington], age 83 yrs.
    (I read his grave as 13 Feb in the 1980s, but after cleaning it says 23 Feb.)
    He was bur Abington.
    Mary died 29 Sept 2007, age 101 yrs.
    She was bur 2 Oct 2007, Abington.
    Dr. Joseph and Mary had issue:

    1. Eva Humphreys,
      mar Gerry Hurley and had issue:

      1. Joseph Hurley.
      2. Geraldine Hurley, mar Colin Lloyd.

  11. Dr. Louis Humphreys,
    Aloysius, bapt 7 Feb 1885 [Murroe RC par records], sp Thomas Lloyd, Margaret Lloyd.

  12. Molly Humphreys,
    born Rath,
    bapt Mary, 22 Dec 1886 [Murroe RC par records], sp Edward Lloyd, Margaret Humphrys.
    She is at home in 1911 census, unmarried.
    She mar Dinny O'Dwyer [Denis, "Din"], no issue.
    He was born Killeen, near Cashel, Co.Tipperary (O'Dwyer family home). This must be Killeen, Killenaule par, N of Killenaule.
    They lived Springmount House, near Golden, Co.Tipperary.
    He died pre-1977.
    He was bur Clogher cemetery, Clonoulty, near Cashel, Co.Tipperary (see street view of entrance).
    She died 18 Feb 1977, age 90 yrs.
    She was bur Clogher.

  13. Dr. Frank Humphreys, TD,
    Francis, born Rath, mother age 45,
    bapt 3 Nov 1891 [Murroe RC par records], sp James Humphrys, Emily Humphrys.

Marriage of John and Mary Humphrys, Murroe RC par records, 5 Mar 1867.
This says a dispensation was needed because they were cousins. (It has some Latin form of consanguinitas.)
They were possibly 1st cousins, though Bee Moynihan said 2nd cousins.
See larger. From here.

Grave of John and Mary Humphrys of Rath.
Grave at Abington, Co.Limerick.
See full size. Photo 2009. Courtesy of Richard Humphreys.
Note grave of John Humphrys in background LHS.
See other 2009 shot and other 2009 shot.
See also 2006 shot light adjusted and original and close-up courtesy of Richard Humphreys.


Presentation convent at Ballingarry, Co.Tipperary

Presentation convent at Ballingarry, Co.Tipperary (just W of Ballingarry, see old map).
Sr. Margaret Mary Humphreys was here for over 70 years.
She was buried in convent cemetery here in 1965.
See her grave in survey of graves at
It is grave 42. See map.

The convent is now abandoned. See street view.
But the school beside it, Presentation Secondary School, Ballingarry, still thrives.


Grave of Sr. Margaret Mary Humphreys, Ballingarry convent cemetery.
Photo 2012. From


Springmount House, near Golden, Co.Tipperary

Springmount House, NW of Golden, near Cashel, Co.Tipperary.
Home of Molly Humphreys and Dinny O'Dwyer.

Springmount House, near Golden.
From 1887 to 1913 map.

Springmount House.
2011 shot from street view.


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