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George Lynne

George Lynne,
born est c.1570,
of Southwick Hall, Northamptonshire.
He mar Isabella Forrest [bapt 27 July 1575].
He died in lifetime of his father.
He died 5 Nov 1606, age est c.36 yrs.
He was bur 6 Nov 1606, Southwick Church.
Inquisition into his death, 26 August, 5th James I (26 August 1607).
Isabella fl 1607.
George and Isabella had issue:

  1. George Lynne,
    of Southwick Hall,
    born 10 May 1594.
    Listed as age 13 yrs 3 months 16 days at inquisition into his father's death, 26 August 1607.
    He succ his grandfather 1617.
    He mar Mary Kirkham [born 1594].
    He died c.1672, age c.78 yrs.
    George and Mary had issue:

    1. John Lynne,
      of Southwick Hall, JP,
      born 1614.
      He mar Grace Cade.
      He detailed his aunt and grandparents in Herald's Visitation 1682 (essentially confirmed the entire structure here).
      He died 11 Jan 1694 [new style year, at the time regarded as end of 1693], age 79 yrs.
      He was bur Southwick.
      John and Grace had issue:

      1. George Lynne, ancestor of Lynne of Southwick Hall.

      2. Mary Lynne, mar Martyn Johnson [bapt 1652] and had issue.

  2. William Lynne, born 1597,
    mar Elizabeth Whetenhall and had issue.

  3. Martha Lynne,
    NOT Margaret.
    She would be named after her grandmother Martha Throckmorton, who died 1600, so perhaps born est c.1601.
    There is apparently a Martha Lynne, bapt 17 July 1598, Haddon, Huntingdonshire (now in Cambridgeshire). (todo) See original. This could be her since Haddon is close to her mother's family home of Morborne.
    She mar John Blennerhassett [of near Tralee, Co.Kerry, Ireland] and had issue.
    Her aunt Elizabeth Forrest was married to Sir Arthur Denny of Tralee, Co.Kerry, which is probably how she met Blennerhassett.
    She moved to near Tralee, Co.Kerry.

Extract from [Green, 1877], showing line from Lynne to Blennerhassett.
See full size top and bottom.


List of portraits

There is a list of Lynne portraits on pp.62-63 of [Green, 1875-77].


Controversy about Lynne pedigree, Kerry Evening Post, 1893

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