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Sir Arthur Denny

Sir Arthur Denny, eldest son, at the front of the sons, on tomb of his father in Waltham Abbey, Essex.
Tomb erected 1600.
Photo 2019. See larger and full size.

Sir Arthur Denny, born 1584,
originally from Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, later settled in Co.Kerry.
His father was granted Tralee town and castle, Co.Kerry, Ireland, in 1586. His father spent some time in Ireland but returned to England.
His father died 1600.

Arthur mar Elizabeth Forrest.
His son was bapt at Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, in 1605.
He moved to Ireland after 1605. He was the first Denny to permanently settle in Kerry. His brothers stayed in England.
Tralee Castle was however in ruins in his time.
He lived at Carrignafeela Castle, E of Tralee, Co.Kerry.
He died at Carrignafeela Castle, 4 July 1619, age 35 yrs. See [Hickson, 14 Apr 1897].

Elizabeth survived him.
Her son Sir Edward Denny restored Tralee Castle and they moved in 1627.
Elizabeth was alive in 1635.
She did NOT die 1641. (This was confusion with another Elizabeth. See p.372 of [Denny, 1908].)
Page 366 of [Denny, 1908] says Arthur and Elizabeth are buried in the Denny vault, Tralee church.
Sir Arthur and Elizabeth had issue:

  1. Sir Edward Denny, of Tralee Castle,
    bapt Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, 30 July 1605.

  2. Ellen Denny,
    mar John Carrique [or Carrigue or Carrick],
    see CARRIQUE in [Ponsonby, 1929],
    had issue:

    1. William Carrique,
      mar (his 1st cousin's dau) Ellen Denny [descendant of Edward III] and had issue:

      1. John Carrique,
        mar 1705 to Rose Ponsonby and had issue.

Elizabeth Forrest was alive in 1635 at the birth of her grand-dau Elizabeth Denny.
Extract from the "Denny Family Diary" written by her son Sir Edward Denny.
From p.371 of [Denny, 1908].


The Denny family vault at Tralee church

Many of the Dennys of Tralee are buried in the Denny vault, under the old E altar of St.John's church, Tralee.
The vault stone is marked outside the church. (SE corner of the church.)
See list of Denny family members buried here in [Denny, 1908].

The old E altar and chancel.
Photo 2016. See larger and full size.
See closer and inside chancel and inside chancel.

Denny tiles inside the church at the old E altar.
From the time of Rev. Anthony Denny (Rector of Tralee 1831-62). It is a memorial by him and his brothers to their parents.
Photo 2016. See larger and full size.

Location of the stone of the Denny vault (under window).
SE corner wall of the church. Outside the E end (old altar).
Photo 2016. See larger and full size.
See closer shot.

The stone of the Denny vault.
Photo 2016. See larger and full size.
See other shot and other shot.

Notes on the Denny family vault at St.John's church, Tralee.
From p.366 of [Denny, 1908].

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