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We will go with default spelling "Maguirk" since it is the earliest record, but the evidence is thin.
As more information emerges we might switch to "McGuirk".

Presumably this family is of the area of Rathfarnham, Co.Dublin. (See marriage location in 1824.)
Almost nothing is known about them.
We start with:


Surname spelt "Maguirk" at marriage to William Flanagan, Nov 1824 [Rathfarnham RC par records].

Surname spelt "McGuirk" at baptism of John Flanagan, 22 May 1836 [Rathfarnham RC par records].

Surname spelt "McGuirk" at baptism of William Flanagan, 29 July 1840 [Rathfarnham RC par records].

Canon John McGuirk's family


Is Canon John McGuirk's family related to us?

This may not be relevant at all. But we begin Canon John McGuirk's family as follows:

Mar cert of Owen McGuirk, 1870.

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